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Gillian McKeith has Scoliosis

Well, well, well. I have just read in the mail that Gillian McKeith has Scoliosis and has been suffering from this for some time.

"Every day of my life I suffer from a condition called scoliosis, a severe abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It bends in the wrong directions - 'S' shape in my case - and strikes violent spasms of breathtaking agony throughout the body.

My back is the way it is because no one spotted it as a child and sent me for treatment.

Doctors have told me it's now too late and too severe for even an operation to help. So while I help millions of people around the world to get well with good food and lifestyle changes, I understand what it feels like to endure serious health challenges."

Who would have thought it eh, the lady who tells us what to eat, how, when and why is struggling with Scoliosis, I hope she is using the herbs for her pain and practicing what she is preaching!

The paper has suggested that there is nothing they can do for her, …

Bowen Therapy Part 2

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I had my second Bowen treatment today for my Scolisois and I was looking forward to it. Since starting Bowen my legs have leveled out, they were way off before and I would reckon it to be about 4cm between each leg, we did attempt to measure it but it is not easy to measure your leg lengths so we did each leg a few times and then took an average.

The only part I do not like is having to lay on the table on my back, it feels like someone is pulling my spinal cord which makes me very uncomfortable and makes my back arch slightly, however, she has to do this to make sure that my legs really are the same length and she was amazed at how well my body had responded to the treatment, she was not expecting the legs to be level already!

My therapist also worked on my breathing today as I have been complaining of that recently and I wake weezing, we have a damp problem which is causing spores and this is not helping my respiratory at all - time to get out the bl…

Getting better by the day

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It has been 2 days since I last wrote and life has got slightly easier since I have had my first Bowen session.

Wednesday was a hard day and early morning but by Thursday night I was able to move my head from side to side again and the neck pain has subsided, when I came back on Tuesday I was in agony and couldn't look left or right without moving my whole body.

I went to bed at 1.30 on Wednesday morning and woke at 6am, took some Ibuprofen and got into the spare bed and made myself a little pillow camp and settled there until waking at 9am, I cancelled my appointment to see the Orthopaedic Dr in Benalmadena because the car alarm went a bit dodgy and we couldn't get the windows up, on the dash it said all 4 doors were open and the indicators kept flashing so I could hardly drive the car and park in a public car park and leave the windows open!

I got back into bed - yes you hear me right, I got back into bed and slept until 11am, I was so amazed as I had b…

I can't cope anymore

So, I had my Bowen yesterday as you all know - I kept myself awake all day and then went to bed at 11:00 with my husband - he worked in bed and I just rolled over and shut my eyes, the feeling was nice - until................

2:35am I woke up and had to get straight out of bed, I was in absolute agony and extremely scared.

I couldn't walk very well at all, managed to get to the bathroom where the tears just started coming and I was in a right mess, I was bent over to the right, unable to get myself straight, I couldn't sit down, nor could I lay down - I was really troubled by this, my husband woke up and came to cuddle me and suggested I take a Valium to help me get some more sleep as it was far too early to be up and about, I took his advice.

I necked 2 Ibuprofen and a Valium and got back into bed, once the pain killers had started to help that is - I managed to sleep until 5am, Valium usually wipes me out for 12 hours which is why I take it, but this one lasted only 3 hours - t…

Bowen Technique Scoliosis

I had to cancel my appointment for Bowen technique last week due to work commitments, a client called me the day before and said he would be landing at Malaga airport at 9:30 in the morning, so I re-scheduled my day to fit him in which meant cancelling the appointment.

At 9:15am we got a call telling us he had missed his flight! My whole day was turned upside down for an event that was not about to happen, pissed off is a good description of my feelings that day. My client finally arrived 2 days later and the meeting went well, the outcome was just as I had hoped for :)

I have still not settled down with my sleeping pattern and the last few mornings I have been up and about pre 7am after going to bed at 1am (that I could deal with).

However, this morning I woke up in pain as usual, messed around with some pillows under my knees and shoulders, raised the head of my bed, turned on my side in the foetal position, tried laying on my back again and then the other side - couldn't settle or…

Argggh Scoliosis Lumbar Pain

I am still having the same problems, the mornings are getting worse - it is now 6:15 am and I went to sleep at midnight, the problems and pains are getting worse and I am really scared, I cried my heart out this morning when I got up and then took 2 Ibuprofen.

I really need to see a Dr but struggling to find one in Spain, my mother wants me to go back to the UK, not only to see someone but I am sure a bit of selfishness is in there too - she hasn't seen me since December.

I searched for a Scoliosis Dr in Spain and called the Mills & Mills Medical Group on Monday morning, they have a nice webiste, they came up top on Google for a few keywords, they offer a FREE appointment, it was all looking pretty good. I got put through to your standard dumb wit on reception who took my details and said she would ask upstairs (whoever they are) to call me back - nothing. I called again Tuesday and reminded her someone was supposed to call me back, she remembered my name, told me she had passed…

Pesky little Scoliosis pains

Well, still in the same predicament - not sleeping much and terrible pains in the morning, not being able to lay down flat, on my side or front - it is driving me insane, although one good thing has come from it - getting up earlier so I am starting work earlier also.

I am getting up now anytime from 6:30, now to some of you that may not sound too bad but we work from home, remember? So, we are usually up around 9am to start work for 10am (typical time for Spanish businesses), so this is now waking me up a good few hours earlier than normal, once I am awake, I cannot stay there because my back pain is just too strong.

My husband is loving it because he is now getting his breakfast made for him every day and a cup of tea brought into him while still in bed (bring him round a bit, he is not the happiest of people in the morning!).

I am still searching for a good Scoliosis Dr in Spain but have yet to find one. I contacted Mills & Mills this morning and I am still waiting for them to cal…

Lifes curve still giving me gip!

I started my Yoga last night as I said I would be doing, a friend came round and we did it by the pool, we took our time as she has not done any exercise for a long time and it must be a year since I did Yoga also.

It felt good to be doing the stretches, especially the ones that work the muscles over my shoulder blades, however, I still have the same problem that I was talking about yesterday, the awful pain when I wake up in the morning, in fact most nights I am woken up because of it.

I am OK when I get up but it is laying down that is causing the problem, I cannot lay on my side, back or front without immense discomfort and pain.

I am stumped because I have never had a problem sleeping (since I had my memory foam) but now I am just not getting any sleep, if I bring my legs into a foetus position it is slightly better - could I have strained anything you think, will this pass or should I go and see someone about it. I am starting to get annoyed with this because I am not getting enough…