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Twisted Annual Affari (Second Meeting)

On Saturday 31st March our How To Look Good Twisted Facebook group met in Manchester, Piccadilly for the second meeting of our twisties.

It was all rather hectic, I started my journey with my friend James Fooks from Spain on Thursday 29th March. I was very anxious, nervous and excited for many reasons really, the main one being Chris was not beside me for support which I have always leant on heavily, and if it wasn't for him (who sadly died 11 April 2011) the group would never have been formed.

Secondly, I was about to meet one of the moderators; Laurie Knutowski Skusevich, who had left the previous day to start her journey from the USA across the pond to the UK. I was extremely touched by the reason Laurie decided to join us and travel 4,000 miles! Laurie had told me that one night on her way home from work she had paid particular attention to the moon and Chris came into her thoughts. She had never been to the UK before and felt that due to the sudden death of Chris she felt com…