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Hotel Review: Bond Hotel Blackpool

ScoliosisNutty were invited to review The Bond Hotel in Blackpool as part of the new service we are providing to people with a disability, worldwide. This is our first review and we hope we can do many more in the near future. In conjunction with the Disability Directory we will be adding disability hotels for our members to view. Our lovely Laura Campbell is our resident journalist so she was the most appropriate member of our team to send for a free holiday and report back on her stay with The Bond Hotel. Her review is below, we look forward to your comments.
Walking into the reception of The Bond Hotel on that rainy Friday, I have to admit that I didn't know quite what to expect, but I knew I was interested in spending time in a hotel that provides accessible holidays especially for people who have disabilities and special needs. I've had my fair share of spinal surgeries and have suffered through all sorts of associated pain and problems, but thankfully I've only ever b…

Power Plate The Final Session

I promised I would keep you upto date with my progress on the Powerplate and I have now completed my 10 sessions :)

During the last few weeks we started doing the PowerPlate twice weeekly vs once - I started off with once a week because I wasn't sure how my back would feel and going on previous experience in a gym I didn't want to rock the boat too much with something new, however, I have enjoyed the powerplate so much; I was always excited about going!

Our trainer Daisy Mae Scott said that if I do it twice weekly I will notice the benefits more; so after 4 weeks of my training I went on to twice weekly. The training got a little harder and I did find that the first week of doing the powerplate twice a week was a little hard for me as the intensity had also increased and some of the poses felt like my rod was shaking itself to bits!

I did 6 sessions in 3 weeks and now I am taking a week's break before I continue again next week. I must admit I feel stronger and more able. I…