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More than the Sum of My Parts

We talk about many things on both the facebook page and this blog. We discuss our trials and tribulations, our hate of hospitals and the sub-par jello. We reflect on our experiences with MRI's and the many x-rays that have results in slightly mangled super powers. We meet and connect and find common ground in our suffering, and we hope that despite the sensation of loneliness that eats away at us, we aren't ever completely alone.

We contemplate the idea of fate, if it exists, and if so, why us? Why our spines? Why our lives? Why are we, of all the people in the world, the ones afflicted with surgeries and hospitals and appointments that never end. Why do we suffer with health, loss, love, life - and why do we continue to stand here, in the midst of our lives, acting, playing, pretending, doing whatever we can to ensure that the world never sees the weaknesses we feel.

We do it because there's no other choice, because (if you believe in fate) we were marked a lo…