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The Loss Of Life

Some of you may or may not have noticed my lack of contribution to my own network since the 11th April, I felt I wanted to explain to those who were not aware of what was happening with my life at the moment, especially as I have constantly been heavily involved with the support of Scoliosis patients since 2004!

Sadly and heart breakingly I lost my best friend and husband on the 11th April, since then I have been "existing" and trying to find a way to get through the enormous pain in my heart and the feelings of lonliness that have been with me ever since, Chris (my husband) was a great Scoliosis support for me and I miss him to lean on, he did a LOT for me as he understood the problems I faced with daily living, and for someone who didn't have Scoliosis I think that was amazing of him to show such understanding of my condition. Had it not been for Chris I would not have created all the groups, websites and blogs that I run - he was the one who pushed me into creating my…