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Scoliosis and yet more therapy

I had my Bowen yesterday and she worked on my respiratory system, as many of you know Scoliosis patients can suffer with breathing problems and I had started to wheeze after a night's sleep.

My husband drove me down because I was having some troubles getting around and I knew that driving for 35 minutes would make the whole thing worse.

She found a few issues with my neck and shoulders also and I had noticed this the day before because I was struggling to move my head left or right.

I slept well last night and woke after 8 hours kip which was great but today walking is a very painful, I cannot lift my head at all and I am walking very bent over forward, looking at the floor!

My pelvis and legs have held their position though and I am still straight at 5"7 and a half inches tall - groovy!

We are taking a break tomorrow though and going on holiday to Cadiz to stay in a really nice 4 star hotel with all the amenities and I can't wait. The hotel has a spa and that is what I am loo…

Scoliosis: This Girl Needs Therapy!

What a week I have had, slowly but surely my pain has started to come back and I am slipping into old ways where I am not getting enough sleep, waking in pain and not sure where to sit, stand or lay. I have been finding that my spare bed which is a harder mattress than my memory foam is helping, I get into that bed, propped up against the wall with a big long pillow inbetween my legs, I manage to get a couple of hours like that.

Although my memory foam mattress is sitting on an adjustable bed and I can raise myself I just cannot lay on it after a few hours, I think a disc or something pops out of place while I am sleeping so a harder surface is better for me when this pain is happening. This does not mean to say that my memory foam is not helping at all, if I have a neck pain as well as the lumbar the memory foam and recess help correct that during my sleep.

While I was having Bowen treatment for Scoliosis the memory foam was doing the great job that it has always done in the past, it …

Facebook Group Using Google Maps To Go

Facebook 'dipping' craze irks pool owners from the Telegraph reports that teenagers on Facebook are using Google Maps to locate pools in their neighborhoods and then hold pool parties as uninvited guests. The new phenomenon is called "dipping" and has caused concern in the Bournemouth, UK area.

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Scoliosis and I think I can dance!

Some of you may be following me in my journey through Bowen Treatment and will know that so far, so good and I have had great results.

I actually went to a nightclub on Friday and had a great time, you know I have not been into a nightclub for over 2 years without the aid of my wheelchair, I still feel strange on my feet but I am not falling over as much as I used to and I managed to dance in a pair of wedgies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot say that this did me any favours though and I have been struggling since...... Before you say it, yes I know this is probably down to the fact that I went clubbing but I love it and always have, it just doesn't like me or my Scoliosis very much and for years I have entertained myself in other ways, but last week I couldn't resist so I joined my clubbing mates and went dancing :)

I have been extremely stiff these last few days since the club night out, I am now 2 weeks without Bowen Treatment and my therapist told me to call her when I need her and I t…