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Scoliosis Meet Up Event

Yesterday we Steven and I decided to organise a Scoliosis meet up event in London so we can all get together, have a chat or a rant, share experiences and generally just chat to another person with Scoliosis and put faces and cuddles to names, considering we have all been networking together for some time on the internet we felt it was time to see and touch each other in the flesh.

We would like to invite anyone with Scoliosis inside or outside the UK to join us, we have yet to confirm the venue but as London is within reach of most people we have chosen that as our destination, we are looking for somewhere we can sit down as a group eat, drink and be merry together :)

If you have any suggestions on a venue then please be sure to comment here and tell me why the venue would be a good choice so we can have a look and perhaps send a Londoner on a scout for us hehehehe!

Look forward to meeting fellow Scoliotics in February and here is hoping we can build our meetings to great levels and …

Life after Lyrica & Shennanigans!

Sorry for not blogging for such a long time but I notice Kathleen has been keeping you busy - good girl!

We went for a short holiday in Cyprus which was also for a wedding and then we joined our good friends for a week's cruise which had been booked for some time, since coming back from those holidays I have been trying to keep my workload to a minimum and doing what I can to help those in the scoliosis community, plus we now have the batch of wristbands which have started circulating so thanks for those orders ladies and gents and once again thanks for the support for our campaign on scoliosis awareness!

I started on Lyrica 12th July, 2010 because I couldn't cope with the pain anymore, I was spending more and more time in bed again and having a few teary days so I crossed the bridge for nerve pain relief, well after 2 months of taking this expensive drug I decided I needed to stop so on the 21st September, 2010, I quit the Lyrica, I didn't slow down my dosage I just stopp…

"She was just calling to make sure you're not dead. We told her you weren't. She seemed pretty happy."

Greetings, fellow Scoliotics!
As some of you may remember me mentioning, I'm currently a college student in Lethbridge, Alberta (that would be in Canada for those of you not in the 'know.) And I am proud to announce that just a few days ago the town of Sundry, also in Alberta, was named the coldest place in the world. That's right. The single coldest place in the world. Ahead of both poles and Russia. You may be wondering if that has any effect on Lethbridge and I can tell you now, without a shadow of a doubt, that yes, yes it does.
And what do insanely cold temperatures do to a fused/arthritic spine? Make it hurt. The phrase 'tearing my spine out with a rusty hook' is used perhaps a bit too frequently by myself, but I can say without hesitation now that I have officially reached that level. The hook is out, the bathroom prepped, the roommates warned. Don't try to stop me because I've lost my mind and this is the only solution.
Oh, also drugs. Drugs are a…

Reflection On Experience

Greetings and Salutations fellow Scoliotics!
Life has been fairly hectic lately, with an oddly high ratio of disagreements between myself and the people in my life (more than willing to admit I am half responsible for all of them. Half. Because it takes two, you see?) So I thought today I would sit down and do some therapeutic blogging about the detrimental effects, something like scoliosis, or indeed any medical problem, can have on a person in a psychological manner.
Ignoring the many psych terms I've learned over the last three months (although I like to think my psych prof would be thrilled if I even attempted to use them) the effects of scoliosis can be summed up thusly:
They suck.
I'm also willing to suggest They stink, They're driving me mad, and the often thought of but little used Argh!
Growing up with scoliosis during the time of adolescent development gave me a fairly negative outlook to the support systems that extended beyond my family. Friends were pretty usel…

"Of course 18 lbs of books is healthy for my spine! Why would you think otherwise?"

Hello my fellow Scoliotics (That's right, College has taught me it's all right to make up words as long as I sound confident while saying them. Next time you're out in public, look around menacingly and when questioned, say that you are currently henchmenning. Seriously, it's fun.)
Lethbridge, Alberta is a flat, flat place, with a rather large gaping chasm in between my home and the College. That equates to an hour long bus ride every day to and from school. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my courses and have discovered a new found love for Forensic Psychology, however I do have a bone to pick with the establishment.
Text books. Bad enough that I had to sell off a kidney and 1/3 of my liver just to afford the Human Development text book, but now I, with what I think we can all agree is a bit of a buggered spine, have to haul around five monster text books. Fortunately, not all at the same time, but that really doesn't make much of a difference as the end of…