Scoliosis Meet Up Event

Yesterday we Steven and I decided to organise a Scoliosis meet up event in London so we can all get together, have a chat or a rant, share experiences and generally just chat to another person with Scoliosis and put faces and cuddles to names, considering we have all been networking together for some time on the internet we felt it was time to see and touch each other in the flesh.

We would like to invite anyone with Scoliosis inside or outside the UK to join us, we have yet to confirm the venue but as London is within reach of most people we have chosen that as our destination, we are looking for somewhere we can sit down as a group eat, drink and be merry together :)

If you have any suggestions on a venue then please be sure to comment here and tell me why the venue would be a good choice so we can have a look and perhaps send a Londoner on a scout for us hehehehe!

Look forward to meeting fellow Scoliotics in February and here is hoping we can build our meetings to great levels and really start making a difference to us all!

Simone and Steven

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