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Spoke too soon

Well I said yesterday that I was having a fairly good year pain wise, well my period started today and that tends to rock the boat of lumbar pain slightly!

Every month this happens and no this is not "normal" period pain although I am sure I suffer with that to some extent just like every woman does but it does play heavily on my Scoliosis and the pain I get daily is just multiplied, and knocks seven bails of crap out of me, but fortunately for me I can work in bed so it's not all bad I suppose :)

It has been raining today also and it's still May! Bad weather also seems to have a bad effect on pain especially when it is connected to joints, I have been topping up on the Ginseng Tea with Blackurrant in it to take away the taste of the Ginseng!

I have also been wearing my heat pads all day to keep the lumbar muscles/nerves warm and supple, this helps me take my mind off it and keep going through the day.

The Chronic Pain cycle I seem to experience more and more each day we…