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Curving again?

I have noticed just recently that I seem to be leaning left again and walking is becoming a real struggle, I only noticed this the other day when I had my jeans on and I saw myself in the mirror (not something I do very often especially as it is cold). I was shocked, my right side is fairly straight and flat (not too much flab) - my left side is almost folded in half and I can wedge my hand in between the fold that appears there - I look awful!!!!!

Is it even possible for me to start curving again and my Scoliosis show signs again after a Harrington rod surgery 19 years ago?

I never used to be conscious over my body years ago and I know it changes the older I get but I am no bigger than I was when I got married at age 24 and I am now 31, I hate my clothes I do not feel comfortable at all and I hate it when people look at me when I am walking down the street in a sideways crab walk!!

I have even added a picture of my back, I never thought I would share that with the world because I am so …

Glucosamine and Scoliosis

Glucosamine FAQs
Glucosamine supplements contain enough?
Glucosamine Trial Results
Glucosamine effectiveness

I used to take Glucosamine, MSM, Chrodoitin a few years ago on the say so of my Dr in Spain - Dr Andreen. Unfortunately I have not seen him for many times as the last time I tried to get on contact with him - it went no where - shame as he was a great help to me, but there you go.

He put me on Glucosamine the first time and I he told me to them stop taking them after a period of time - trouble is I am not sure what period that is - something is telling me it is 3 months but I am really not sure - anyone out there know what time you take Glucosamine for and how long you have to stop for?

One thing I know for certain, you should not take Glucosamine all day every day.

I started glucosamine in an attempt to cure my Scoliosis pain in my lumbar spine then again as I wanted to see how my levels are during these next 3 months - maybe all the trials that I have read and all arguments of for …

Memory Foam and why it gets hot

We have been discussing on the group the various types of memory foam that is available on the market today, many people were concerned about memory foam getting too hot for them and this was putting them off some of the products, another regular complaint was the lack of ability to turn over - the memory foam being too soft.

The memory foam that I have keeps me warm - yes, but I would not say that I ever get hot and start to sweat, causing me uncomfort or the inability to turn over.

The company that I deal with for all my sleeping issues is OroMed HealthCare and i posed this same question to them this week in an attempt to find out why these problems arise with memory foam, if in doubt ask the experts!

OroMed HealthCare's Response
There is no single answer to this. By its nature, memory foam can get hot. Many companies who sell memory foam are misleading the public with their statements that in their memory foam there are billions of air bubbles inside the foam for aeration.

We have…

Travelling and Scoliosis

Hi Guys

Sorry for being so quiet these past 10 days, we have been to Bristol and Cardiff and the internet connection charges were so expensive we decided to just not have access for a few days - very unlike us!

I had a terrible journey to the UK - planes never gel with me very much anyway, the positions in the seats are so uncomfortable, however, this time around the pilot threw the plane on the ground and I felt the most amazing shot of pain go up my spine from the hard bang on the ground - if we had been anywhere else but a public place I would have cried like a baby!

After that I was in pain for the rest of the time we were there, such a shame as I had "behaved" myself prior to going away so that I could try and enjoy myself and not be too concerned over my back - this was not to be, I ended up using my wheelchair for pretty much the whole trip and when walking I was clinging onto my walking stick for dear life!

I forced myself to walk round Cardiff shopping centre as I so wa…

Ethnic Groups and Scoliosis

Do certain ethnic groups suffer from Scoliosis more than the others?

I am white caucasian and nobody else in my family line has had Scoliosis, so, where did it come from? Are Asians, Hispanics, Africans less likely to have Scoliosis against a Caucasian?

Does this even come into play when trying to determine where your Scoliosis came from?

We have been discussing this subject on the group and I find it very interesting, I have lived in Spain for 10 years and come to see and know many Spanish people during this time - when I have been to the Drs here they do not recognise Scoliosis (in fact the Costa del sol Hospital told me in 2000 that they are not good at backs and to go back to my home country for treatment), they may have heard of Scoliosis but not used to seeing this condition and are very unsure how to treat it, surely this means that very few cases of Scoliosis walk through their doors every year so therefore do not provide a specialist in the field?

This meaning that Hispanics are…

Shoulder Pain today

I woke up this morning bright and early - 8:30am, that is really early for me!

To my disgust, my shoulders were giving off small, short spasms - this hurts really bad but only for a few split seconds, however, it comes and goes frequently.

I miss my masseuse since we moved house, she is 30 minutes away and will not travel all this way to give me a massage (I think I may have to try and ask her again and offer more than what I usually pay!) - she used to come once a month and get rid of all the knots in my shoulders - they seem to take more strain because of the harrington rod, all the tension and weight is on my shoulders and over time the muscles start to hurt.

I need to start my Yoga again I think and this may help a bit more, I do find that all these problems are heightened in the winter compared to the summer.

Do you get shoulder spasms from your Scoliosis? Send me your thoughts on this

I am off to try and do some more gardening - hasta pronto!