Curving again?

I have noticed just recently that I seem to be leaning left again and walking is becoming a real struggle, I only noticed this the other day when I had my jeans on and I saw myself in the mirror (not something I do very often especially as it is cold). I was shocked, my right side is fairly straight and flat (not too much flab) - my left side is almost folded in half and I can wedge my hand in between the fold that appears there - I look awful!!!!!

Is it even possible for me to start curving again and my Scoliosis show signs again after a Harrington rod surgery 19 years ago?

I never used to be conscious over my body years ago and I know it changes the older I get but I am no bigger than I was when I got married at age 24 and I am now 31, I hate my clothes I do not feel comfortable at all and I hate it when people look at me when I am walking down the street in a sideways crab walk!!

I have even added a picture of my back, I never thought I would share that with the world because I am so ashamed of how I look - the picture was taken a few months ago and I will do another one now to see how I look when comparing to the other image I have, however, I cannot control this Scoliosis it is doing what it does best - curving me!

I suppose a lot of people are looking at me and thinking I look awful anyway so why not just share that image and have a few more think the same, what the hell!


Surviving. Scoliosis said…
Hello there!!!

Thought I'd check out your Blog and see what's!!! I had to leave something and say (I know we are our own worst critics)you do NOT look awful!!! I am not just saying that..if I didnt have the experience myself I wouldnt even have noticed you had be honest with you, I pictured a much more curved looking back...

I do notice a bit of change from the 2 pics...did you check up with the doctor to make sure about the curve? unlike myself, I notice your hips are level which is great, or that's what it seems in the you have (like myself) pain on one side? BTW your scar has healed amazingly!!! mine still has a bit of a long way to go :( I know what scar?! ;)

laters :) xxx
Surviving. Scoliosis said…
oh forgot to ask another question...I notice another scar on your left? is that related to scoliosis?
The scar on the left over my hip is my donor site - where they took bone to put around the spine for healing. It is this area that has caused the most problems since the surgery - they did not remove all the bone correctly and every now and then the bone spurs connect to muscles and get stuck and cause awful muscle spasms - that area is extremely sensitive and even I do not like to touch it because it hurts so much - I have a reflex on that area - anyone touches me there, my right arm extends and places a punch! LOL
surviving.scoliosis said…
Oh I see...doctors always ask me if I have had any bone from my hips taken and I am like I have NO idea...but I guess if they did, I would have a scar there as well...which I don't.

Would you say that is the area of main pain for you then? lets say if that pain (on your left, above your hip) did not exist, would you be OK? I am sure you have researched that..what do doctors say? any "cure" suggestions?

My left side area today is horrible..I have this lump of pain right in my left buttock area which hurts so much!!!
surviving.scoliosis said…
how do I order the heat pads? I remember you mentioned them once..

I use the "old"'s all I have..and I have literally burnt myself cuz I stuck it on the flesh..that's how bad the pain was!!! I am fine now..with the burn I mean..a little scar is left..which I really hope disappears! Any recommendations would be great! Thnx :) xxx
Anonymous said…
Hey there,
I get the same "folding over" on my right side. Last summer, my back was hurting a lot, and my "crease" was really pronounced. I only had a waist on one side. After a week of Schroth therapy, my back quit hurting, and I wasn't "folded" on that side. I had to see the difference to believe it. So I definitely see and feel a difference on my "fold" depending on what my back it doing.
(hmm, I don't really know how to comment -- I'm choosing anonymous, cuz I don't have an ID or URL... sorry) -jean
Hi Jean

Thanks for your comments, I may decide to give that a go, it is nice to hear from like minded people ;)

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