Madonna's Daughter & Scoliosis

There have been recent reports that Madonna's daughter Lourdes Ciccone Ritchie has Scoliosis, there are photos flying around the internet that she has been spotted wearing a SpineCor brace, which is being widely used as bracing treatment for patients with Scoliosis.

If this is true and Madonna's daughter does have Scoliosis then I wish the family all the best and hope that they can help treat Lourdes to avoid surgery.......

I suppose the good thing for Lourdes is she will get the best of treatment for her Scoliosis and not have to put up with the NHS service, like I did! (where they use old material for Scoliosis surgery, they did it to me with the Harrington rod)

But it does go to show that celebrities are like us in some ways and suffer from the same conditions that we do, which I suppose takes them off the pedestal for a little while - not that I am please Lourdes has Scoliosis - I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

For those not familiar with SpineCor, we have a page over on ScoliosisNutty about this brace as we also have many members using it and reporting great progress.

All the best to Lourdes and Madonna, wishing you well and keep that Scoliosis curve monitored - love from the Scoliosis Support Group

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