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Scoliosis: South Africa

Hola Everyone

We have another request.

A lady has just joined our Scoliosis Support Group who is resident in South Africa.

She is fused from T1 to L4 with a Harrington Rod (we are assuming this because she has flatback) and now has flatback issues, she is now very scared and in desperate need of a Dr in South Africa for Scoliosis, it is apparent that she now requires revision surgery but needs a Dr in South Africa that could help her, we are now appealing for this information.

She has a name of a Doctor in Cape Town who has done only 15-20 operations for Scoliosis revision but would like to link up with people that have seen this Doctor so she may learn more and ask questions, or she would like to hear from other Scoliosis specialists out there that may be able to help.

Thanks in advance to our readers and hope we can come together and help this lady find someone she can trust.

Scoliosis: Orthopedic clinical research chair created with $1.15M funding

Montreal, QC - The Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center has created an academic chair in spinal deformities to be held by Dr Stefan Parent, an orthopedic surgeon and researcher at Sainte-Justine's Research Center as well as a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal. With the help of the $1.15 million in funding from DePuy Spine Canada, the research team will focus on clinical research and teaching as well as the development of innovative surgery techniques for the treatment of scoliosis.

The primary objective of the chair is to develop new approaches to assess the risk of scoliosis progression through the use of 3D measurements of the vertebrae and the pelvis taken during the first medical examination.

Orthopaedic Clinical Chair - click to read more

Scoliosis: Sainte-Justine Research Center

MONTREAL, Nov. 18 /CNW Telbec/ - The CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center is proud to inaugurate its state-of-the art laboratory dedicated to the molecular genetics of musculoskeletal disorders. The laboratory with its global infrastructure is like no other in the world. Its aims will be twofold: to develop innovative diagnostic tools and therapeutic treatments to prevent and stop disease progression through tailored pharmacotherapies.

Dr. Alain Moreau runs the Laboratory whose mission is to develop new molecular diagnostic tools for the early screening of scoliosis and other disorders that affect large numbers of children and adults and for which there are no tests. In addition, this state-of-the-art infrastructure will enable Dr. Moreau and his team to develop novel therapeutics aimed at preventing scoliosis or stopping its progression at an early stage. This represents a remarkable breakthrough leading to customized medicine that will revolutionize the treatment of scoliosis as well a…

Some good news

Laura's consultant has told her that she can leave the brace off, she is very relieved! I am pleased, he wants to see her again in 6 months. He told her no PE till then and I thought she took that very well. I later found out that she has been doing PE for weeks anyway! I am not very happy with that but it looks like that particular horse bolted in the summer so there's not a lot I can do. I look forward to returning the loo and bath seats though, they are taking up space we don't really have.

A friend of mine facetiously suggested I make the brace into jewellery (a little sideline of mine). That got me thinking - it's not as silly as it sounds. The leopard skin pattern on the outside and the soft stuff on the inside means it would make nice bracelets if I could cut them out! Shame Laura won't let me.

Next is Ruth, just starting on the scoli journey. She has an appointment for an MRI scan at the beginning of December and then we will have to see what can be done.


Scoliosis: Here we go again

Well, my body is a bit like search engine optimisation, 2 steps forward and 1 step back, I have had the most harrowing of weeks, the credit crunch has really started to hound my doorstep, customers are still not paying invoices from July and then they hav started to abuse me, sending shitty emails and complaining that my work was not up to scratch - ummmm why didn't they say this at the time of invoice - oh yeah that's right, because there was nothing WRONG with my work, it is just common stalling tactics by stupid little people who run businesses but think they rule the world!

My Pilates sessions finished early this month and I have not had any spare money to renew, I am now feeling pains which I am sure are due to me stopping the Pilates, but what am I supposed to do here, life is getting very low and all because some bloody idiot at a bank pressed the wrong button, lent money to someone who couldn't pay and we now have to pay the price, they get a pat on the back and sen…

That Micawber feeling

Well, yes - I wanted to try the Alexander Technique but can't afford to do it.

But the main effect the credit crunch has had on me so far is that more people are now having to live like I have done for years - welcome to my world. We are in more debt than the average third-world country and it takes very little to tip us over. I am hoping there will be less peer pressure on my teenage daughter if it means that fewer of her friends go on fancy holidays (or any holiday come to that), but so far no change there.
I found myself in the interesting position of having a. HSBC bank employee apologise to me recently - she rang up "to find out how I was doing" (like they can't tell) and I got so upset when I heard where she was calling from that I didn't give her the chance to say more than how sorry she was for upsetting me! I explained that the last time someone had called from the bank they had browbeaten me into agreeing to take on yet another loan that I didn't want…