Some good news

Laura's consultant has told her that she can leave the brace off, she is very relieved! I am pleased, he wants to see her again in 6 months. He told her no PE till then and I thought she took that very well. I later found out that she has been doing PE for weeks anyway! I am not very happy with that but it looks like that particular horse bolted in the summer so there's not a lot I can do. I look forward to returning the loo and bath seats though, they are taking up space we don't really have.

A friend of mine facetiously suggested I make the brace into jewellery (a little sideline of mine). That got me thinking - it's not as silly as it sounds. The leopard skin pattern on the outside and the soft stuff on the inside means it would make nice bracelets if I could cut them out! Shame Laura won't let me.

Next is Ruth, just starting on the scoli journey. She has an appointment for an MRI scan at the beginning of December and then we will have to see what can be done.

Then comes me. I've been getting neck pain almost every day for the last year (just like what happens to everyone who reads my pain-in-the-neck posts I expect) despite getting special computer glasses, and it makes no difference whether I am working at the computer or not. Add that to the usual lower back pains and rib bump pains and I think it's time to say enough is enough. So I mean to see the good GP as soon as I can, so that he can complete our particular set of happy families when he sees me, Mrs Skewed the Scoli. I am WAY too old for surgery but there might be something that can help that you don't have to pay for.


Simone Icough said…
Hola Judith

Really pleased for Laura and I hope she continues on the road to good recovery.

I hope all goes well for Ruth and the MRI scan, keep us posted.

As for you my little blogger, I would see if you can get some form of physiotherapy from your GP, it really will help with pain, I also suggest heat patches (I am sure you have microwave ones or even stick on ones already!), if you could afford Bowen I would suggest that but I don't know what your funds are like.

As for your jewellery, can you send me some of your work and perhaps we could build a little section on the website for you to try and sell these items online :)
Judith said…
Thanks for your good wishes!

Also thanks for the jewellert suggestion. Blimey, it never rains - a friend of mine has just taken lots of my stuff away to try to sell at craft fairs between now and Christmas. She lives in Scotland and I live in London so I can't really get it back very easily. I will send you a few images of the sort of thing, and when I get back what she hasn't sold I will photograph the lot :-*

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