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Scoliosis Pain: Here we go again!

Boy what a week it was last week! We started our new business selling Portable Power Solutions, our stock arrived and then the phone started ringing, orders were coming in and Chris and I found ourselves very busy, up and down the coast all day long, delivering this and that, we also went to a great networking meeting and met some good guys running various businesses, it was nice to network with like minded people :)

We also bought ourselves a pitch at a Danish do in Fuengirola, however, this turned a bit sour for us as we felt that the audience were not for us so decided to call it a day and cancel the Saturday and Sunday pitch, we were glad about that as it rained on Saturday, and with our products using Solar it would have been no good that we were inside the building, the Solar products could not come into their own.

However, all this activity has taken it's toll on my spine and now I am suffering big time, I am bent over and cannot get straight, I have tried but the pain is too…

So much for a pain-free life

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Not much to talk about. I've been loving the Flexeril, although I've never had dry mouth this strong before. I got new electrodes for my TENS unit, but haven't had to use them yet. I've had quite a bit of free time on my hands - I lost my job.

The pain seems to all but disappear when I don't have to work! I doubt I'll be able to afford Cobra coverage, but I'm gonna try my best to find the money somehow. Otherwise I have no way to take care of myself until I get a new job with insurance. The surgery is off.

I found out today it's way more expensive than my mom or I had imagined. Six figures. I doubt that even includes the hospital stay, rehab, plus all the assorted "little" fees, like medication and the staff's fees - radiologists, ahoy! I have no idea what the doctor would even do, so I kinda resent the lady there telling me that. It really took the wind out of my sails. Her saying that killed the onl…

So.... the update i promised!

Yeh, I sorta forgot about writing in to the blog after I got my new brace but I have finally remembered.

My new brace isn't much different from my old brace, except it hurts a lot more!!! Now I remember why I used to not mind going swimming!

Speaking of swimming, does anyone else here HATE going swimming for their back? Coz I have never been a swimmer and can't stand it!

Anyway, so I went to the hospital on Thursday and got my new brace. It was obviously taller and made me stand uo even straighter than I had been standing before! The doctor took away Soapy, my old brace.

So I went home and lied down (because I could hardly breathe!) and had to take the next day off school as well.

I don't like my new brace much. I've called it Bossy the Boston Brace (yeh, I know, very original!) and it kills at times! It doesn't even have holes all over it yet. When I breathe in suddenly, air rushes out of somewhere and makes a huge wooshing sound. My old brace did NOT do that.

Now that …