So.... the update i promised!

Yeh, I sorta forgot about writing in to the blog after I got my new brace but I have finally remembered.

My new brace isn't much different from my old brace, except it hurts a lot more!!! Now I remember why I used to not mind going swimming!

Speaking of swimming, does anyone else here HATE going swimming for their back? Coz I have never been a swimmer and can't stand it!

Anyway, so I went to the hospital on Thursday and got my new brace. It was obviously taller and made me stand uo even straighter than I had been standing before! The doctor took away Soapy, my old brace.

So I went home and lied down (because I could hardly breathe!) and had to take the next day off school as well.

I don't like my new brace much. I've called it Bossy the Boston Brace (yeh, I know, very original!) and it kills at times! It doesn't even have holes all over it yet. When I breathe in suddenly, air rushes out of somewhere and makes a huge wooshing sound. My old brace did NOT do that.

Now that I have Bossy, I can't wait for the end of 2010, when I'll probably be rid of brace wearing forever! I've never actually thought of it like that, but scoliosis has changed my life so much! I know, i'm seriously weak and went through pretty much a year of depression because of other things, but they wouldnt have affected me as greatly if I hadn't had to wear a layer of plastic to school every day.

I used to be so carefree and headstrong and didn't care about what anyone else thought of me but now, I'm actually following fashion in attempt to look normal.
Now I have a very important question to ask all you scoliosis experts: Is scoliosis a disability? just wondering.

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