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Lifting/Bending with Scoliosis

I am in the process of packing my house as we are moving on Friday, packing the boxes is really taking it out me, I find that I don't seem to suffer with much pain from my back when I lug around heavy objects, it's the small movements that cause the pain, being slightly bent instead of almost touching my toes hurts the most!

I had a suitcase on the bed so I didn't have to bend down far, yet the next morning I was in awful trouble, the pain was awful and I needed to take a Valium to get some sleep.

I find it the same with gardening, being slightly bent over for a few minutes weeding, for instance, makes me feel "creaky" when I stand up, almost as if I need oiling! Yet dragging the rubbish bin across the garden doesn't affect me at all, you would have thought the heavy lifting would affect you more, wouldn't you?

I hope I don't suffer too much on Friday when we finally move out and into our new house, I am not looking forward to Saturday morning!