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Life dealt me a curve in my back

This week has been very strange as far as my scoliosis is concerned.

I did a lot of gardening on Sunday, putting up the fence cover, some weeding and pruning. My legs ached the next day and so did my back - I do take my time and do not overdo it, I had intervals where I sit down and rested before I continued.

A few days prior to my gardening stint, I was waking every morning in a great deal of discomfort and pain (depending on the angle I held my body) - I just do not know what to put this down to - breathing was also very painful, this was only after waking up, if I laid in bed it didn't go away so I got up and after a while of wandering around doing my normal morning routine the pain would diminish.

It is all localised to my lumbar back and is more than likely the discs?

Could the pain be coming from mu insides being twisted after being in bed for a few hours and once I have got up everything straightens itself out and then the pain leaves?

This has been happening now for a week - I …

Managing my Scoliosis

Hi ThereI have had Scoliosis since 1989 and had surgery for this and now have a harrington rod, I had curve of 76º at the time of surgery.I manage my Scoliosis with heat pads, grabbers, walking sticks, support from my group members, not wearing high heels! Regular massage for my shoulders and I am just considering Bowen Therapy, I also do Yoga when I can (usually in the Summer), I also have a memory foam bed for extra support when I sleep that has massage and hi/lo profiling – not sure what else I can do :)I have a website and blog and support group also – the support group is of great benefit to me because no one understand the pains/problems unless you have Scoliosis. Wishing everyone well :) See more progress on: manage my scoliosis

Scoliosis and Periods - oh the pain!

I was writing on my website yesterday about Flavonoids and I quote
"Many flavonoids, as in parsley, have a diuretic action; some as in licorice, are antispasmodic and anti inflammatory; others are antiseptic."

Anyway, my period started 2 days ago and I was feeling good about that because usually I have immense pain from my Scoliosis when my period comes and because it was day 2 and I had, had no pain I was feeling really happy about that and I wondered if that had anything to do with the licorice I had been eating the week leading up to my period?

The happy times didn't last long as last night the pain was soooooo awful and I didn't know what to do with myself, shifting around in my seat, then standing up and walking around with my hands grasping my lower back, then the tears came, but I wasn't crying (if you know what I mean), the pain was so intense that water just started coming from my eyes, I am in too much pain to actually cry - that would jar my back too much…

Tired from Scoliosis

ScoliosisNutty - a place for friends, support and research

I have had a slow week because I have spent a lot of that in a great deal of pain, probably because I was focusing on all my work (and at the time it was working) and now I have stopped because the work load is now less, I am suffering.

The fact the weather turned awful last week didn't help, I suppose. It was really cold and raining every day, and on top of that we had 70mph winds!! The cold really affects my Scoliosis and then I get tense and hold my body in a different way and consequently my shoulders end up in bad knots, this does not help me as my work is on a laptop computer so I find I am always tense in my shoulders, despite being conscious of relaxing them!

On Saturday night we stayed at friend's house and slept on a mattress (see Scoliosis mattresses, like the one I have) on the floor, I woke Sunday morning and my shoulder blade had siezed or done something along those lines as the pain is really annoying me no…

Focus - does it help stop the pain

I thought of this last night and I almost got out of bed to write it down (as I usually forget what my mind is thinking from the night before!).

These last few days have been really busy and I have had to really focus on the work that I have been doing, I have been swamped and I have so much to do with organising the furniture for the old house, so we can rent it, working on client's websites and fighting to get my new Scoliosis website launched - I am not happy with how my website looks now and it is almost 4 years old - it needs a facelift and I have been working on that for over a year now and I just want to get it loaded to the net and continue to work on it and help others where I can.

So, my point was (before I startd rambling about something else!) - due to me being so focused on work and other projects this week I have noticed my back has not hurt as much (or maybe that is because it is better) - I have pushed myself to the limit this week and not noticed that I have had as …