Focus - does it help stop the pain

I thought of this last night and I almost got out of bed to write it down (as I usually forget what my mind is thinking from the night before!).

These last few days have been really busy and I have had to really focus on the work that I have been doing, I have been swamped and I have so much to do with organising the furniture for the old house, so we can rent it, working on client's websites and fighting to get my new Scoliosis website launched - I am not happy with how my website looks now and it is almost 4 years old - it needs a facelift and I have been working on that for over a year now and I just want to get it loaded to the net and continue to work on it and help others where I can.

So, my point was (before I startd rambling about something else!) - due to me being so focused on work and other projects this week I have noticed my back has not hurt as much (or maybe that is because it is better) - I have pushed myself to the limit this week and not noticed that I have had as much pain as I would usually, maybe this is a mind over matter thing and maybe I should be like this every week, focus on something other than Scoliosis and all my pain will go away?

Pain is a strange thing in our lives, I try and cut mine off as best as I can without taking pain killers, I hate pain killers and I know the drs always say "well they are herbal anyway" but they never tell you the side effects that come with them - such as affecting livers and kidneys, making you feel drowsy, not being able to drive because your vision is impaired and the list continues.

I have always been one to try and get through the pain and come out the other side as best as I can without taking pain killers, I drink a lot of herbal teas that contain Ginseng (great for lower back pain) and I ran out just recently and I did notice a change in my Scoiosis pain because of this.

So, my Scoliosis friends, lets get focused and maybe our pain will be less............


mibs said…
Hi! Thanks for your support, the operation will be start at 7.00 am 7th April ( tomorow ). Hope everything will be ok, I pray a lot for my sister. Hey, I notice you have cats pic for your profile, I`m cats lover too! Mine is Lobby and Jacky! Love both of them. Thaks again ya!

Thanks for the message, I am thinking about you and wishing your sister the best for her recovery. I now have 3 cats, Chuffy, Lolly and Dotty (1 male and 2 females) - I am a cat lover through and through, if I am ever in pain with my back they pull me through by just being silly or cute :)

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