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Scoliosis and Bowen Part 6

Well, I had my last session last Tuesday as my therapist now wants me to take a break and see how I get on for a couple weeks before I go back, she wants to see if my body will stay in the position that I have been keeping for the past 5 weeks.

My back muscles have also got stronger on the right hand side of my spine and I am now sleeping a full 8 hours a night again - I cannot tell you how that makes me feel, after only getting 3 hours for many, many weeks I am just elated.

I have had a few twinges following the treatment but nothing major and in fact the other day when I was wondering around I didn't even feel like I had ever had back surgery!!!!!!!!

I am very stiff in the mornings though but I have some exercises that my husband and I have been doing (he went for 2 sessions for his RSI) and I am still doing Yoga once a week, I believe this has been helping those back muscles to get stronger and at least now I am strengthening the right ones.

I did some gardening yesterday and that …

Scoliosis and Bowen Part 5

I am still going to Bowen each week and I do not know how I would have coped if I had not been going, I have to sleep raised in bed and cannot lay flat but I am sleeping better than I was prior to Bowen and that is what I went to her for.

It is strange as I can feel my body moving and clicking into various places.

Hip pain feels like a fizzing, similar to that stuff you can eat that cracks and pops in your mouth
Walking was an issue (only 180 metres) and I had to stop and gather myself before I carried on
Pain when crossing legs (been told not to do that though!)
Pain just above my vagina - twinges

Neck is hurting and can't turn my head

I have not experienced any other pains this week (except the ones that were my own fault!) and now my period has started so I am hoping this month will be as pain free as the month's hoping anyway.

My Mother is here at the moment on holiday and she cannot believe how much straighter I am compared to w…

Scoliosis and Bowen Part 4

Scoliosis Support Group

As you know I am undergoing Bowen Therapy at the moment and go for my treatment every Tuesday morning.

Last week she did different movements on me again and continued to work on my breathing problems with me. I had pain last week near the donor site again and the Sciatica seems to be more aggravated than when I first started.

I couldn't move my head from side to side again but this was gone in the morning, this happened last time. She did a few moves on my neck.

The next day after therapy I had horrific pain on my hip on the left leg, which I think is radiating pain from the sciatic nerve, I couldn't cope with it (as much as I tried) and ended up rubbing the area with Ibuprofen gel and swallowed some pain killers.

Since starting Bowen my sleeping habits have got better but the sciatica seems to have got much worse, my therapist suspects that I had another major shift and the pain I was feeling was a result.

My donor scar also swelled a lot last week, it had g…

Scoliosis Petition

A young lady on my group has started a petition. She is called Emma and has just under gone her correctional surgery for Scoliosis.

Sign our Scoliosis Petition. Help to bring Scoliosis screening into schools.

Emma’s petition is to help raise awareness about scoliosis and the need for testing in schools. To test a child for scoliosis will take less than a minute. If scoliosis is caught early enough, surgery as well as years of anguish and pain may be avoided. For many, all that is needed is a simple brace worn under clothing to help prevent the spine from twisting.

Learn more about Emma and her Scoliosis story.

Emma had surgery in March of this year and is now going through her recovery stage and is doing very well.

Since discovering Scoliosis Emma wanted to start a petition to bring Scoliosis awareness to the forefront of people's minds, in an attempt to bring screening into schools across the UK.

When my Scoliosis was diagnosed, it was first noticed in a school examination and then we …

Scoliosis and Bowen Part 3

Scoliosis support group

I had my third Bowen treatment last Tuesday and I go for treatment number 4 tomorrow, for my Scolisois and as usual I am looking forward to making myself better each week.

I am still feeling strange when I stand and walk due to the straight feeling of my legs and pelvis, laying down was much easier but I still need a cushion under my legs and head.

We worked on my respiratory last week and she is greatly concerned about the damp spores that we have in the bedrooms. Last week, the day after my treatment I bleached the wardrobe in our bedroom and got rid of all the damp spots on the ceiling and walls, I did not weeze as much after that, trouble is I am still not sleeping well and getting into the spare bed for a couple of hours early morning and the damp spores in there are very rife so I need to tackle that room this week to help my breathing.

I await to see what she thinks of my body shape this week. I have a few new pains to report, one that shoot across my lower …