Scoliosis and Bowen Part 4

Scoliosis Support Group

As you know I am undergoing Bowen Therapy at the moment and go for my treatment every Tuesday morning.

Last week she did different movements on me again and continued to work on my breathing problems with me. I had pain last week near the donor site again and the Sciatica seems to be more aggravated than when I first started.

I couldn't move my head from side to side again but this was gone in the morning, this happened last time. She did a few moves on my neck.

The next day after therapy I had horrific pain on my hip on the left leg, which I think is radiating pain from the sciatic nerve, I couldn't cope with it (as much as I tried) and ended up rubbing the area with Ibuprofen gel and swallowed some pain killers.

Since starting Bowen my sleeping habits have got better but the sciatica seems to have got much worse, my therapist suspects that I had another major shift and the pain I was feeling was a result.

My donor scar also swelled a lot last week, it had gone down when I first started Bowen and then every now and then it flares up again, this is the reason why I do not wear pants, because everything I have tried rubs in my donor scar and makes it sore and then the swelling starts - any ideas there would be great, otherwise I will continue to whistle to the wind! ;)

The neck and shoulders are still giving me grief but my therapist thinks that my body is concentrating on the lower back and ignoring the neck/shouders for now, my lumbar is the area that suffers the most.

I have also noticed that swimming is uncomfortable for me also, I hope this improves. Breast stroke has always been a no, no for the neck anyway, especially if you have a fusion but the kicking of the legs was not a problem last year. I will continue to work with this and the Yoga.


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