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Happy Easter everyone and I hope you are enjoying your day off (those in the UK) - I have finally just recovered from the party that I organised for my husband to celebrate his 40th birthday - we had a band, DJs and some catering - the sun was shining and everyone had a wonderful weekend with us.

It has taken its toll on my back though, I was busy leading upto the party, organising, weeding, painting and the list went on - by the time the party came around I was knackered!

I wore my heat pads all weekend to keep me going, I couldn't keep up with everyone else and had to keep laying down on the bed and resting my back, I have noticed over the years that my back gives up much earlier than it ever used to - is that just age?

It is my shoulders that are giving me grief this week!

I keep getting spasms but it is every few seconds, yesterday was particularly bad and it stopped me from doing the gardening that I planned (Chris dug the hole instead ;), Chris did give my shoulders a few squeez…

Over Compensation Syndrome!

Well, I read many articles by Elizabeth Mina that make so much sense and I now find that I am referring to a lot of what she said in her articles and applying it to my every day life.

Over Compensation Syndrome

I am in the middle of organising a 40th birthday party for my husband Chris and we have 50 people arriving at our house on Friday lunch time, camping in the garden, making fires and staying until Sunday! As you can imagine this has been quite a lot of work added to my usual schedule of work, cleaning the house, looking after the cats, tending to the garden, washing, ironing........yawn!!

I am absolutely exhausted and I do not know how my back has managed to keep up the pace without flooring me and forcing me to stay in bed for a while - overcompensation syndrome is springing to mind again ;)

I am feeling it again in my shoulders, they are so tight and painful I am struggling to find a comfortable place to work - I am looking forward to the summer so I can swim again and release som…

Having a good Scoliosis day

So, did all you Mothers have a nice Mother's Day and receive some nice gifts? I hope so, I sent my Mother and Mother-in-law some Fresias this year and they were overjoyed with them.

These past few days I have been feeling a lot better - the weather is warming up and I think this is the reason why - the damp in the house is less so the bed is much better and I am sleeping better because it is not so bitterly cold - I have everything else on my bed except heat - perhaps I should think about having that installed as well!

I have been out in the garden to help me get some exercise but I am not sure if weeding is the best thing considering I have only just started walking around better - but hey ho - overcompensation syndrome hits me again!

I find it strange because my back is feeling better but my shoulders are in agony - all the strain ends up on my shoulders because the middle of me is fused together so the pressure has to end up somewhere - since we have moved house I have lost my mas…