Happy Easter everyone and I hope you are enjoying your day off (those in the UK) - I have finally just recovered from the party that I organised for my husband to celebrate his 40th birthday - we had a band, DJs and some catering - the sun was shining and everyone had a wonderful weekend with us.

It has taken its toll on my back though, I was busy leading upto the party, organising, weeding, painting and the list went on - by the time the party came around I was knackered!

I wore my heat pads all weekend to keep me going, I couldn't keep up with everyone else and had to keep laying down on the bed and resting my back, I have noticed over the years that my back gives up much earlier than it ever used to - is that just age?

It is my shoulders that are giving me grief this week!

I keep getting spasms but it is every few seconds, yesterday was particularly bad and it stopped me from doing the gardening that I planned (Chris dug the hole instead ;), Chris did give my shoulders a few squeezes and tried his hardest to make them feel better for me, I had a hot bath as well and that did help a little.

I don't know if it's not one thing it's another and it drives me crazy, one day I hope I will get up and not even think about Scoliosis..............maybe!

It seems to be either my shoulders or my lumbar that gives me pain, it is never just a day of pain here and then tomorrow nothing - something always hurts and it is so bloody annoying!!!!!!!!!!!


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