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Scoliosis and falling over!


As you know I have been having more Bowen treatment and I had the sacrum move done last week, unfortunately I slipped while moving out of the way for a car last week and pulled a muscle in my right hip (well I think that is what it is)

On Sunday morning I got out of bed to find I could not straighten, the pain was horrendous if I even tried, so I have been walking bent over forward ever since, I have tried to bend and do some Yoga to try and just get upright but I simply cannot.

I had to miss my Bowen appointment on Tuesday because there was no way I could get in the car and bounce down the coast and back, I think Bowen might have helped but right now standing and walkign around for 10 minutes is too much for me!

I have cried very hard the past 2 days, not through pity because I tend not to feel sorry for myself, but through increased amounts of pain, the Sciatica is giving me grief on both legs and the fact I cannot take a deep breath without feeling it keeps me low :(

Having a hot s…

Osteoid Osteoma of the Spine

Scoliosis journal reported a case report about undiagnosed osteoid osteoma of the spine presenting as painful scoliosis from adolescence to adulthood

Authors: George Sapkas, Nicolas Efstathopoulos and Michael Papadakis

Abstract (provisional)
Presented here is a case of a young woman, with an undiagnosed osteoid osteoma of the spine, which presented with painful scoliosis in adolescence and was treated by bracing until her accession to adulthood. A more thorough investigation, years after the initial one, revealed the tumor. Surgical excision and stabilization offered the long- awaited cure.

Misdiagnosis resulted in intractable pain for years, deformity, the discomfort of brace therapy, and the frustration of a prolonged yet ineffective treatment.

The most common cause of painful Scoliosis in adolescents is osteoid osteoma of the spine. Up to 25% of all Osteoid Osteomas are found in the spine, of which 60% are located in the lumbar spine, 27% of the cervical, 12% in the thoracic a…

Dr. STL and the big surgical consult

Dammit, I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

Mom and I drove to Tulsa and flew to St. Louis. Completely uneventful. Up early the next morning, called the shuttle to the hospital so we wouldn't have to worry about parking and grabbed breakfast in the cafeteria. Let me tell you something. Barnes Jewish is the biggest hospital I've ever seen. No joke, the building I was in is 20 stories high and all of the buildings cover SEVEN CITY BLOCKS. This place was GINORMOUS. I got two new x-rays taken. Oh, I forgot to mention, I was in excruciating pain THE ENTIRE TRIP. So I couldn't stand up straight (especially without my shoes) during the x-rays. I didn't bother to tell the radiologists or Dr. STL, I don't really know why. I was amazed to see the x-ray up on the lightboard. My bones are so off center when I am in pain. It was a good thing I stood like that, though. None of my previous x-rays had shown that my L4 vertebra is a good 1-1.5 cm to the left of my L3 …

Scoliosis: Bowen Treatment Part II

Tuesday 7th April

Last Tuesday I had my second treatment of Bowen this year, I was able to drive myself but driving does play havoc with my pain, I don't think the Audi A6 is the best car for us to be driving and when I have the energy we will change the car for something more appropriate for the country and for my back!

The movements that my therapist did last week included the lumbar sacral and pelvis, the coccyx move will be in two weeks.

We did some gardening on Thursday which was probably not the greatest idea we have had for a while since experiencing awful back pain the week before! Anyway, we took it in our stride, took many rests along the way and the end result was lots of vegetables and fruits :)

I was very stiff after the Bowen and the gardening added to that stiffness I think afterwards and this stiffness has stayed for the past few days also, my husband went down with Gout on Friday, so I have been taking care of him, this has not helped with my situation but as I am bet…

Five days left

The Cobra coverage was cheaper than I thought, and my mom said she'll help pay for it. We decided it's worth it to see what Dr. STL has to say, so we're flying up there on Tuesday. My appointment is Wednesday, we're flying back Thursday. If we could stay longer, we would, but it would cost extra to change our tickets. Ugh, the whole quick trip idea was so I wouldn't miss work. I wish I could see my relatives while I'm there. Anyway, I'll post when I get home, probably Friday. I really have no idea what to expect, or even what to hope for. I think I can stop praying for flexibility and symmetry. I think the most realistic thing to hope for is pain relief, and the rest is just icing. I'm pretty pissed off, actually. Why is this happening to me? My x-rays don't look so bad, compared to some others I've seen online. Why am I in so much pain? I look fine from the outside, except for my limp and rib hump. Life sucks sometimes.

Scoliosis: Exercises for brace weaning

Scoliosis Journal posted the following information regarding: Specific exercises performed in the period of brace weaning can avoid loss of correction in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) patients: Winner of SOSORT's 2008 Award for Best Clinical Paper

Published: 7 2009

Authors: Fabio Zaina, Stefano Negrini, Salvatore Atanasio, Claudia Fusco, Michele Romano and Alessandra Negrini email

Exercises are frequently performed in order to improve the efficacy of bracing and avoid its collateral effects. Very frequently there is a loss of correction during brace weaning in AIS treatment. Aim: To verify the efficacy of exercises in reducing correction loss during brace weaning. Study Design: Retrospective controlled study. Population: Sixty-eight consecutive patients (eight males), age 15+/-1 and Cobb angle 22+/-2degrees at start of brace weaning.

The start of brace weaning was defined as the first visit in which the wearing of brace for less than 18/24 hours was prescribe…

Skinny Coffee!

Hola followers

Slightly off topic for this post but I met a new friend on Facebook and we got chatting about our businesses and life in general, when asking what he was into he showed me his coffee, I am going to try it soon.

Here is some blurb about the coffee if you have not heard of it yet!

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Scoliosis: Bowen Treatment Follow Up

As some of you know I was back for another session of Bowen yesterday, my first for 6 months, the last time I saw my therapist was September last year. I am pleased about this as this means I have had a fairly pain free life for the past 6 months and trust me I have not been able to say that for years!

It was a nightmare for me to actually get there, because we live in the country now, journeys to the coast can be a little lengthy, my therapist has also moved so she is now 45 minutes away and the car jounrney is a little something to be desired!

I was bent sideways all day yesterday and sucking in my breath a lot because there is a fine line between where I can stand and get comfortable and where the pain barrier is, I am also on my period which really doesn't help, however, since I have been having Bowen treatment the period pain are FAR FAR less than they ever used to be, this time around though my period has come a lot faster and heavier since having the treatment, this is a new …