Scoliosis: Bowen Treatment Part II

Tuesday 7th April

Last Tuesday I had my second treatment of Bowen this year, I was able to drive myself but driving does play havoc with my pain, I don't think the Audi A6 is the best car for us to be driving and when I have the energy we will change the car for something more appropriate for the country and for my back!

The movements that my therapist did last week included the lumbar sacral and pelvis, the coccyx move will be in two weeks.

We did some gardening on Thursday which was probably not the greatest idea we have had for a while since experiencing awful back pain the week before! Anyway, we took it in our stride, took many rests along the way and the end result was lots of vegetables and fruits :)

I was very stiff after the Bowen and the gardening added to that stiffness I think afterwards and this stiffness has stayed for the past few days also, my husband went down with Gout on Friday, so I have been taking care of him, this has not helped with my situation but as I am better than he is right now I can't leave him to take care of himself, he comes first right now.

The weekend that followed was spent pretty much in bed nursing Chris to better health, I get very worried when he has a Gout attack, especially as he gets so cold, he is normally a very warm person and doesn't feel the cold, so it is a shock when Chris is wearing jumpers, jackets and a dressing gown all at once!

Fortunately, Chris is now getting better and is able to get up and walk about, although I am starting to bend over again, I am quite simply - knackered!!!!

My next Bowen treatment is in 2 weeks so I hope I can make it through until then, one thing that is certain, I am better than I was a few weeks ago and at least I am now sleeping through the night!

Bring on the Bowen hehehe

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