Scoliosis and falling over!


As you know I have been having more Bowen treatment and I had the sacrum move done last week, unfortunately I slipped while moving out of the way for a car last week and pulled a muscle in my right hip (well I think that is what it is)

On Sunday morning I got out of bed to find I could not straighten, the pain was horrendous if I even tried, so I have been walking bent over forward ever since, I have tried to bend and do some Yoga to try and just get upright but I simply cannot.

I had to miss my Bowen appointment on Tuesday because there was no way I could get in the car and bounce down the coast and back, I think Bowen might have helped but right now standing and walkign around for 10 minutes is too much for me!

I have cried very hard the past 2 days, not through pity because I tend not to feel sorry for myself, but through increased amounts of pain, the Sciatica is giving me grief on both legs and the fact I cannot take a deep breath without feeling it keeps me low :(

Having a hot shower or a bath helps and I do this daily, along with my heat patches that I have every night, the Bowen oil that I plaster everywhere and the Codeine I think I can recover from this, I don't think it will be quickly though.

This is one thing I am finding with someone who has Scoliosis, with or without surgery, our backs and surrounding muscles in the hips and shoulders are very weak and really take a hammering, I find that our bodies are very unforgiving, unless we walk slowly and constantly think about where we walk and how! I do everything I can to keep myself in shape, eat the right foods, practice Yoga when I can and have Bowen treatment yet I still find myself in this position, when the pain starts from somewhere else I find that the discs that are wearing out really start to complain, the pain is short and sharp and makes me suck in my breath, if I try to stand all my muscles shake!

Luckily the pool is being cleaned and will soon be full, I find water removes all my pains, all I need is a waterproof laptop and I will be away! LOL

Thanks for listening and I hope all you Scoliosis patients out there are OK

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