Scoliosis: Bowen Treatment Follow Up

As some of you know I was back for another session of Bowen yesterday, my first for 6 months, the last time I saw my therapist was September last year. I am pleased about this as this means I have had a fairly pain free life for the past 6 months and trust me I have not been able to say that for years!

It was a nightmare for me to actually get there, because we live in the country now, journeys to the coast can be a little lengthy, my therapist has also moved so she is now 45 minutes away and the car jounrney is a little something to be desired!

I was bent sideways all day yesterday and sucking in my breath a lot because there is a fine line between where I can stand and get comfortable and where the pain barrier is, I am also on my period which really doesn't help, however, since I have been having Bowen treatment the period pain are FAR FAR less than they ever used to be, this time around though my period has come a lot faster and heavier since having the treatment, this is a new one on me!

I had an hour's session yesterday, she checked my leg length and all is good on that front, it is the pelvis that is now out of line and it is that which is causing the pain I am feeling.

I had moves done on my shoulders, kidneys and back, the kidney move in Bowen treatment is effective for those of us with Scoliosis I am told, as soon as the treatment was over I was back in the car and coming home, it worked out well because my husband (Chris) had to go and meet a client in Fuengirola and I was in La Cala so he dropped me off on the way through, save me having to drive myself, which right now is not an easy accomplishment.

I slept better last night than the previous night, as I only managed to get 4 hours in the night before and I cannot work a full day on 4 hours sleep, especially with the pain levels I am experiencing.

I was up and about in the night, tossing and turning but at least I got some good quality sleep also, I find that when I am in pain I wake when I try to turn and then I feel the pain all over again, this prevents me from falling back to sleep, I never want to wake Chris because he needs to sleep too, he works so hard during the day so having him up all night as well is not fair.

I have found this morning that I can stand better, when I got up I did my usual routine which is clean the kitchen and get the dishwasher going but soon after that I was in pain and had to come back to bed, and this is where I am now :(

I hate being in bed all day long it is just not me, I like to be doing this and doing that, gardening, working, walking, seeing people not laying in bed!!!!!

At the moment I have to say I HATE SCOLIOSIS!

I am sure I am not alone so please take the time to have a vent on here if you wish xx

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