Skinny Coffee!

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Slightly off topic for this post but I met a new friend on Facebook and we got chatting about our businesses and life in general, when asking what he was into he showed me his coffee, I am going to try it soon.

Here is some blurb about the coffee if you have not heard of it yet!

Buy Boresha Coffee

Boresha Coffee...a Better Coffee Tradition

Better for Your Health
* 100% Organic and roasted to be gentler on your stomach than most coffee.

Better for Your Enjoyment
* Our exotic beans and unique roasting process ensure an improvement on taste. And we conveniently deliver Boresha to your door.

Better for the World
* Fair Trade certified, environmentally friendly and a proponent of the Invisible Children's fund. Boresha isn't just great coffee. We want a better world.

Skinny Science Coffee
This award winning science technology is the first low glycemic coffee patent ever awarded. Because coffee causes fat storages in humans, the only way to fix coffee so that it does not stimulate fat storage is to incorporate the Glycemic index into the equation and to use buffered caffeine instead of regular caffeine.

I will leave you to decide about this coffee and when I have tried it I will report back and tell you my thoughts, has anyone reading this tried or heard of this coffee?

I have added a link to their website so you can read their claims for yourself :)

Speak soon

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