Five days left

The Cobra coverage was cheaper than I thought, and my mom said she'll help pay for it. We decided it's worth it to see what Dr. STL has to say, so we're flying up there on Tuesday. My appointment is Wednesday, we're flying back Thursday. If we could stay longer, we would, but it would cost extra to change our tickets. Ugh, the whole quick trip idea was so I wouldn't miss work. I wish I could see my relatives while I'm there. Anyway, I'll post when I get home, probably Friday. I really have no idea what to expect, or even what to hope for. I think I can stop praying for flexibility and symmetry. I think the most realistic thing to hope for is pain relief, and the rest is just icing. I'm pretty pissed off, actually. Why is this happening to me? My x-rays don't look so bad, compared to some others I've seen online. Why am I in so much pain? I look fine from the outside, except for my limp and rib hump. Life sucks sometimes.

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