Scoliosis Petition

A young lady on my group has started a petition. She is called Emma and has just under gone her correctional surgery for Scoliosis.

Sign our Scoliosis Petition. Help to bring Scoliosis screening into schools.

Emma’s petition is to help raise awareness about scoliosis and the need for testing in schools. To test a child for scoliosis will take less than a minute. If scoliosis is caught early enough, surgery as well as years of anguish and pain may be avoided. For many, all that is needed is a simple brace worn under clothing to help prevent the spine from twisting.

Learn more about Emma and her Scoliosis story.

Emma had surgery in March of this year and is now going through her recovery stage and is doing very well.

Since discovering Scoliosis Emma wanted to start a petition to bring Scoliosis awareness to the forefront of people's minds, in an attempt to bring screening into schools across the UK.

When my Scoliosis was diagnosed, it was first noticed in a school examination and then we went to a specialist who then took x-rays and Scoliosis was confirmed. Surgery took place 3 months later.


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