Life dealt me a curve in my back

This week has been very strange as far as my scoliosis is concerned.

I did a lot of gardening on Sunday, putting up the fence cover, some weeding and pruning. My legs ached the next day and so did my back - I do take my time and do not overdo it, I had intervals where I sit down and rested before I continued.

A few days prior to my gardening stint, I was waking every morning in a great deal of discomfort and pain (depending on the angle I held my body) - I just do not know what to put this down to - breathing was also very painful, this was only after waking up, if I laid in bed it didn't go away so I got up and after a while of wandering around doing my normal morning routine the pain would diminish.

It is all localised to my lumbar back and is more than likely the discs?

Could the pain be coming from mu insides being twisted after being in bed for a few hours and once I have got up everything straightens itself out and then the pain leaves?

This has been happening now for a week - I have driven down to the local shops 30 kms away today and I was fine in the car, I have cleaned the house since I returned and felt nothing, I bet when I get up tomorrow I will feel the same as I did this morning and still be just as bemused!

Anyone else having pains like this, any ideas what this is, is it related to my scoliosis or just something else entirely. The trouble I find is that every time something happens to my body that is different I automatically attach it to my scoliosis - I bet I am not the only one!


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