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I have had a slow week because I have spent a lot of that in a great deal of pain, probably because I was focusing on all my work (and at the time it was working) and now I have stopped because the work load is now less, I am suffering.

The fact the weather turned awful last week didn't help, I suppose. It was really cold and raining every day, and on top of that we had 70mph winds!! The cold really affects my Scoliosis and then I get tense and hold my body in a different way and consequently my shoulders end up in bad knots, this does not help me as my work is on a laptop computer so I find I am always tense in my shoulders, despite being conscious of relaxing them!

On Saturday night we stayed at friend's house and slept on a mattress (see Scoliosis mattresses, like the one I have) on the floor, I woke Sunday morning and my shoulder blade had siezed or done something along those lines as the pain is really annoying me now, every time I move my shoulders or move my head from left to right I can feel the whole muscle jar - ouch!

I have been using my trusty heat pads during these times to keep the muscles supple and taking many baths, we have a jacuzzi bath and although I thought them to be gimmics a few years back, it really works and helps me take my mind off the pain for a while - same as swimming (see exercises for Scoliosis) does I suppose.

I read an interesting post this morning on my Google Alerts about a new book that has just come out called "Bloodless Spine Surgery" - it might interest some of you also so here is a link to the book - Bloodless Spine Surgery, I am downloading it currently, so I will have a read and report back anything I find interesting to my fellow Scoliosis friends.

I am going to attempt to cook myself some dinner now and try to relax on the sofa so I can fight another day!



ady said…
I get alot of pain on the same of my body as my scoliosis, i am told by dr weiss that this is just a coincidence. i have never had surgery by the way. does anyone else get this one sided pain?
Hola Ady

Sorry to hear that you have pain and I feel that this is not a coincidence - what degrees are your curves - are you getting close to 50ยบ if so, you are a candidate for surgery :)

All the best and thanks for the comment, keep in touch

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