Scoliosis and Periods - oh the pain!

I was writing on my website yesterday about Flavonoids and I quote
"Many flavonoids, as in parsley, have a diuretic action; some as in licorice, are antispasmodic and anti inflammatory; others are antiseptic."

Anyway, my period started 2 days ago and I was feeling good about that because usually I have immense pain from my Scoliosis when my period comes and because it was day 2 and I had, had no pain I was feeling really happy about that and I wondered if that had anything to do with the licorice I had been eating the week leading up to my period?

The happy times didn't last long as last night the pain was soooooo awful and I didn't know what to do with myself, shifting around in my seat, then standing up and walking around with my hands grasping my lower back, then the tears came, but I wasn't crying (if you know what I mean), the pain was so intense that water just started coming from my eyes, I am in too much pain to actually cry - that would jar my back too much.

I know that many women suffer with back pain every month when their period starts so if you are one of those women out there who suffer, imagine what your back pain would be like if you had Scoliosis, Flatback Syndrome, Facet Joint Syndrome and Degenerative Disc Disease - seriously the pain doesn't bear thinking about! Why does this happen to us women once a month, why does the pain always concentrate around the lower back area, what is all that about, I need answers because I sure as hell cannot figure it out and I HATE this feeling/pain every bloody month!

Is it something in my diet I can change to make the pain any less, I eat plenty of fruit/vegetables and nuts when I am on my period (to up the magnesium levels that we lose when we bleed), for instance this morning I had orange/grapefruit/carrot and pear juice (as I do every morning), I struggle to walk during this time as I am in so much pain, I struggle to lay down, I struggle to stand and you know what? It is really starting to grate me, don't I have enough problems with my Scoliosis without having this as a little extra icing once a month!!!

I use my heat pads all the time when I have my period and I tend to have them stuck everywhere, along with my microwave wheat pad, it does help, doesn't take the pain away but they certainly bring the pain level down - for me anyway.

It came to 2am and I decided to take a Valium, I had just had enough and I needed to sleep but my body was having non of it so I needed something to knock me out and Valium was the key, I was out for the count in 15 minutes! The Valium I have is 2.5mg, I did used to take 5mg but being a person who does not like to take medications I dropped the dosage and that still works fine for me, I got hooked on the stuff a few years back - Valium is dangerous in the sense that you get addicted in a matter of 6 weeks, that is all it takes and that happened to me - it makes you feel so good and you sleep really well. It became a lifeline for me (that was before I had my memory foam mattress though), I was unable to sleep at night and Valium became my best friend, I would pop one just after I had climbed into bed and bam 15 minutes later - asleep, sure as hell used to beat laying there in tears due to the immense pain.

I have my valium more under control now though and I know I cannot take it every night but at times like this I need it!

Please do share any comments you have on this topic, what do you do when your period comes, how do you tackle your pain?


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