Lifting/Bending with Scoliosis

I am in the process of packing my house as we are moving on Friday, packing the boxes is really taking it out me, I find that I don't seem to suffer with much pain from my back when I lug around heavy objects, it's the small movements that cause the pain, being slightly bent instead of almost touching my toes hurts the most!

I had a suitcase on the bed so I didn't have to bend down far, yet the next morning I was in awful trouble, the pain was awful and I needed to take a Valium to get some sleep.

I find it the same with gardening, being slightly bent over for a few minutes weeding, for instance, makes me feel "creaky" when I stand up, almost as if I need oiling! Yet dragging the rubbish bin across the garden doesn't affect me at all, you would have thought the heavy lifting would affect you more, wouldn't you?

I hope I don't suffer too much on Friday when we finally move out and into our new house, I am not looking forward to Saturday morning!

Comments said…
Interesting. In school when I was about 14 years old we were checked for childhood scoliosis, and I was given a sheet of paper to bring home to my parents. I saw the scoliosis videos, and knew what was happenening. I didn't want to wear one of those crazy looking braces around school for 6 years, so I tore up the paper and buggered back to class. I'm 22 now and I have just recently started feeling back pains. No read Aesthetical sign of scoliosis, but my bends, and twists do hurt every now and again. My good boot's say I should get it checked out. We'll see.

It's interesting. I lift weights about 3 times a week. I'm by no means a body builder, but it NEVER hurts when I actually lift the weights. ONLY when I bend or move a certain way.

I'd like to keep reading what you have to say!
Hi Geoffrey

You really should get this Scoliosis checked out----please!

I know that sometimes it is better not to know and just ignore it but if you catch Scoliosis in time surgery does not have to be an option.

However, you say that you lift weights in the gym 3 times a week, this will keep your back muscles strong, keep that up, as soon as you finish lifting the weights, you may notice that the Scoliosis feels worse.

Good back muscle strength is a good thing for someone who may have Scoliosis, I have met many ballerina that had Scoliosis and never felt a thing or realised they had Scoliosis until they stopped ballet, their back muscles were very strong and supporting their spine.

I was lifting garden rubbish all weekend and at the time, not a thing, no pain, nothing, today I am feeling pretty bad, not sure if this a direct result of lifting or what, but when I just bend slightly the pain is immediate.

I look forward to chatting to you more :)
Geoff Hill said…
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Hi Geoff

Great to hear from you again and it is good news to learn that your Scoliosis is a mild case and that you should be okay.

However, I would not mess with your back and yes I would still get it checked out. The Bio Feedback is a form of alternative medicine and although this can be helpful you should still see a professional when it comes to Scoliosis so that you may get a proper diagnosis.

If you are happy with your diagnosis from your friend right now and your pain has decreased then just keep monitoring your changes yourself - I would start by keeping a small pain diary (I have one) - this will enable you to keep track of when/if the pain increases again and what you were doing at that time.

Keep up the good work and please keep in touch :)

I have just taken a week off to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday - back to work on Monday and back to blogging, I have lots to talk about!

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