Scoliosis: Here we go again

Well, my body is a bit like search engine optimisation, 2 steps forward and 1 step back, I have had the most harrowing of weeks, the credit crunch has really started to hound my doorstep, customers are still not paying invoices from July and then they hav started to abuse me, sending shitty emails and complaining that my work was not up to scratch - ummmm why didn't they say this at the time of invoice - oh yeah that's right, because there was nothing WRONG with my work, it is just common stalling tactics by stupid little people who run businesses but think they rule the world!

My Pilates sessions finished early this month and I have not had any spare money to renew, I am now feeling pains which I am sure are due to me stopping the Pilates, but what am I supposed to do here, life is getting very low and all because some bloody idiot at a bank pressed the wrong button, lent money to someone who couldn't pay and we now have to pay the price, they get a pat on the back and sent on their merry way with a shit load of money in the bank, oh yeah and then the tax payers bail them out, what do they do? GIVE THEM A FECKING BONUS!!!!!!!!!

Really, really un-fair on the tax payers and I for one am NOT paying my tax this year, they can throw me in jail I couldn't care less, why should I struggle during this period for matters that are of no fault of my own, you don't see the chuffing politicians struggling do you, oh no, they take out of the pot us tax payers pay into and spend it on themselves and we are supposed to be grateful for that are we?

I have been struggling to walk since Sunday I am in increasing amounts of lower back pain and the stress of everything else I am sure doesn't help.

Our car broke down on Sunday on the dual carriageway so there we were sat on the side of the road, car won't start and we were due for lunch at a friend's house - great! A friend did come to rescue us, our battery just gave up and it turns out the alternator is buggered, the car is now in the garage with a huge bill mounting up that will need to be paid, gives me a good hounding excuse to my clients to pay the €20,000 that is now owed to us.

So, now I can't even get to Pilates if I wanted to and more to the point I NEED to go there and keep myself in good health to stop the pain, so we are stuck out in the middle of the country with no car now and why? Because clients couldn't be bothered to pay us, all their staff get paid, their office rent gets paid and we just have to wait it out, Chris (my husband) has now taken on another massive job to compensate for these late payments from clients and this job is paid up-front, from now on there will be no more marketing/advertising for clients unless they pay up-front, our small business cannot afford to run other businesses as well, while my customers enjoy 1st page rankings on Google for their keywords, I get bugger all.

I am fed up with being used as a bank!

I am at least sleeping well and I woke this morning at 10am which is most unusual for me, I am glad pain is not stopping me from sleeping like it was a few months ago but as soon as I get out of bed it starts and usually the pain goes once I get going, this is not happening this time, I get shooting pains going straight up the spine and I cannot bend over properly, even when I try to stretch to get something from a top cupboard I feel the pain, shooting up my back, makes me draw my breath in and makes me stop what I am doing, whether that be moving position on the sofa or walking to make a cup of tea, I have to shut my eyes, let the pain fade and carry on, I am also sighing a lot.

Oh well, onwards and upwards and keep chasing those bills I guess :)

Did you guess I was having a bit of a rant? Feel better now


Anonymous said…
Hello Ann,
It sounds as if you need a gift. To ease the pain of the muscles in the scoliosis spine is to address (remove) the lactate acid. It is done by muscle movement exercise, or hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy is accomplished by soaking in a tub of warn water plus ½ cup of banking soda. The mixture is absorbed into the skin/muscles, thus chemically breaking down the acid. Next step is to apply a small oil barrier to the skin. This action stops the evaporation of moisture from the muscles/ soft tissue. Use ½ cap full of Alpha Keri bath oil during the last 5 minutes of a 20 minute soak. Please only us Alpha Keri oil, it’s formulated for human skin. You will feel a cumulated affect. Give it a go. Many of my patient’s love this therapy.
Best Whishes
Dr. Art
Simone Icough said…
Hi Dr Art

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I think you might have the wrong person though as I am called Simone ;)

Thought you might want to know, just in case Ann didn't get the message that was meant for her. :)
Judith said…
You poor thing, I am sorry to read that you are having such a rough time of things.

Particularly (and it may seem a stupid thing to single out) the car, you can't kick a tyre without a 3-figure bill. Mine suddenly wouldn't start on Saturday, but luckily all it needed was a new battery. I don't trust it any more, things keep going wrong with it, just like I don't trust any of the domestic appliances in the house.

Sounds like I have really lost it this time - but wait. It is all because something that goes wrong ends up costing money to put right. Talk about the root of all evil, I think it's more like the root of all angst.

lots of love - thinking of you

Simone Icough said…
Hola Judith

Thanks for the kind messages, it is nice to have somewhere to vent and rant though isn't it?

I never change my posts I just write and hit publish, in other words if I am feeling crap I just get it out in the open, best way.

If it wasn't for customers we would be fine but every week they just blag us and nothing arrives in the bank, other customers are just drip feeding us which is soooooo annoying, hey ho, such as life.

We all have to live and learn and I have learnt some valuable lessons this year :)

Thinking of you too and it is nice to have you on board with me here XOOX

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