Shoulder Pain today

I woke up this morning bright and early - 8:30am, that is really early for me!

To my disgust, my shoulders were giving off small, short spasms - this hurts really bad but only for a few split seconds, however, it comes and goes frequently.

I miss my masseuse since we moved house, she is 30 minutes away and will not travel all this way to give me a massage (I think I may have to try and ask her again and offer more than what I usually pay!) - she used to come once a month and get rid of all the knots in my shoulders - they seem to take more strain because of the harrington rod, all the tension and weight is on my shoulders and over time the muscles start to hurt.

I need to start my Yoga again I think and this may help a bit more, I do find that all these problems are heightened in the winter compared to the summer.

Do you get shoulder spasms from your Scoliosis? Send me your thoughts on this

I am off to try and do some more gardening - hasta pronto!


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