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I used to take Glucosamine, MSM, Chrodoitin a few years ago on the say so of my Dr in Spain - Dr Andreen. Unfortunately I have not seen him for many times as the last time I tried to get on contact with him - it went no where - shame as he was a great help to me, but there you go.

He put me on Glucosamine the first time and I he told me to them stop taking them after a period of time - trouble is I am not sure what period that is - something is telling me it is 3 months but I am really not sure - anyone out there know what time you take Glucosamine for and how long you have to stop for?

One thing I know for certain, you should not take Glucosamine all day every day.

I started glucosamine in an attempt to cure my Scoliosis pain in my lumbar spine then again as I wanted to see how my levels are during these next 3 months - maybe all the trials that I have read and all arguments of for and against glucosamine need to be re-read, especially the against!

This is one of the most research natural supplements, and one of the few treatments that the naturopathic and traditional doctors agree upon.

There are virtually no side effects, and clinical studies have documented that the combo can diminish pain for people with osteoarthritis and other connective tissue disorders.

The combo seems to help people plump up and repair connective tissue such as cartilage, and it has been documented to reduce pain and inflammation.

Want to discuss glucosamine with me or perhaps you have some tips that I don't know about?

We will see how I am feeling in 3 months time :)


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