Ethnic Groups and Scoliosis


Do certain ethnic groups suffer from Scoliosis more than the others?

I am white caucasian and nobody else in my family line has had Scoliosis, so, where did it come from? Are Asians, Hispanics, Africans less likely to have Scoliosis against a Caucasian?

Does this even come into play when trying to determine where your Scoliosis came from?

We have been discussing this subject on the group and I find it very interesting, I have lived in Spain for 10 years and come to see and know many Spanish people during this time - when I have been to the Drs here they do not recognise Scoliosis (in fact the Costa del sol Hospital told me in 2000 that they are not good at backs and to go back to my home country for treatment), they may have heard of Scoliosis but not used to seeing this condition and are very unsure how to treat it, surely this means that very few cases of Scoliosis walk through their doors every year so therefore do not provide a specialist in the field?

This meaning that Hispanics are not as prone to Scoliosis as Caucasians? Perhaps this is me just thinking off on a wild tangent here but it is certainly worth some thought - maybe Hispanics do not get Scoliosis as much as Caucasians because Caucasians grow taller than the Hispanics (in general), and due to the fact that the Caucasians have a habit of producing very tall people, this is causing more growth spurts during puberty and bingo the Scoliosis appears - I know there is more to it than that and I am only scratching the surface, but hey this is a diary after all and in our diaries we write our thoughts on subjects that interest us.

What do you think about this - do you think different ethnic groups have a higher % of getting Scoliosis than others?


Anonymous said…
I am a white American caucasian of Norwegian descent (on my mom's and dad's side both). I believe that sciliosis may be more prevelent in some ethnic groups. My dad was never diagnosed with sciliosis but had one sholder higher than the other. My right hip tends to go out place from time to time and I "scrunch" it around to put it back into place. Two of my nieces had back surgery. I had terrible back pain as a teenager of young adult (often sleeping on a floor rather than a bed to try to relieve the pain. My grandson recently had back surgery for sciliosis. Therefore it probably runs in our family. Do you suppose it may be something to do with Norwegian heritage?

As an aside--my mom had pretty blue eyes with a little bit of light brown around the black pupils. She would tease that a Spanish ship was shipwrecked near Trondheim, Norway in the 1500's and that was how she managed to get brown in her otherwise blue eyes. Perhaps you have some Norwegian in you.

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