Travelling and Scoliosis

Hi Guys

Sorry for being so quiet these past 10 days, we have been to Bristol and Cardiff and the internet connection charges were so expensive we decided to just not have access for a few days - very unlike us!

I had a terrible journey to the UK - planes never gel with me very much anyway, the positions in the seats are so uncomfortable, however, this time around the pilot threw the plane on the ground and I felt the most amazing shot of pain go up my spine from the hard bang on the ground - if we had been anywhere else but a public place I would have cried like a baby!

After that I was in pain for the rest of the time we were there, such a shame as I had "behaved" myself prior to going away so that I could try and enjoy myself and not be too concerned over my back - this was not to be, I ended up using my wheelchair for pretty much the whole trip and when walking I was clinging onto my walking stick for dear life!

I forced myself to walk round Cardiff shopping centre as I so wanted to do some UK shopping, the pain got too much for me to bear so we spent 2 hours and then went back to the hotel so that I could get in the swimming pool and jacuzzi and release some pressure - that always works.

I think that my pain is more when we go away because I do not have Marijuana with me, with Marijuana still being an illegal drug in the UK I can hardly take it with me! I don't smoke that heavily but I do find that my pain is SO MUCH less when I do have Marijuana and when we travel this proves it as I do not have Marijuana with me and the pain increases and I struggle to walk.

I have some interesting articles on Marijuana if you wanted to read.
Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana - The Pain of Prohibition

I had a heat pad on every day while I was there and it was a good job I picked up a further 100 Japanese Hakugen heat pads to keep me going, I brought them home and I use one a day, the heat is amazing at relaxing the muscles and keeping them moist.

When I travel on a plane I always take a neck pillow with me and I am devoted to Squishy cushions for that, unfortunately I left mine in the hotel so I didn't have a pillow for the return journey - I hated the travel home, I was in so much pain, didn't want to take a Valium because they just knock me sideways and send me to sleep and I like to know what is going and not be vulnerable - unless I am at home and at least then I can go to bed.

Do you have any top tips for travelling with Scoliosis, what do you take with you for extra comfort, if anything?


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