Spoke too soon

Well I said yesterday that I was having a fairly good year pain wise, well my period started today and that tends to rock the boat of lumbar pain slightly!

Every month this happens and no this is not "normal" period pain although I am sure I suffer with that to some extent just like every woman does but it does play heavily on my Scoliosis and the pain I get daily is just multiplied, and knocks seven bails of crap out of me, but fortunately for me I can work in bed so it's not all bad I suppose :)

It has been raining today also and it's still May! Bad weather also seems to have a bad effect on pain especially when it is connected to joints, I have been topping up on the Ginseng Tea with Blackurrant in it to take away the taste of the Ginseng!

I have also been wearing my heat pads all day to keep the lumbar muscles/nerves warm and supple, this helps me take my mind off it and keep going through the day.

The Chronic Pain cycle I seem to experience more and more each day wears me out in all honesty, I get fed up with going round and round, one day good the next day bad, the emotions come thick and thin.

My knees have started aching and I think this is due to lack of exercise, yet another catch 22, if I do lots of exercise to help keep me fit, my back suffers, my neck suffers and if I don't do the exercise my knees suffer, while working I try and keep moving all the time so that I am not sat all day long in the same position and to be absolutely honest I don't think I could sit still all day anyway - a bit of a figit, something that comes with Scoliosis I think hehee.


Anonymous said…
Hi im 19 male from Estonia. I have lordosis and slight kyphosis myself and thought for years that i have scoliosis only because doctors diagnosed it usnig pictures with bad quality.I stopped doing exercises and didnt went to a doctor for 6 years until recently i got over the fear and better pictures said i dont have scoliosis at all!I was very confused and only hours later i realized im quite healthy and even the pains diappeared only because of good thoughts.But the point is the pains and stress is rather psychological and metaphysical in nature.Besides our physical reality there is etheric world, where all diseases start from, diseases dont ever start from cellular,DNA,atomic level etc. but from etheric energetic level.I am going to a healer at the end of this month who will balance and purify my aurafield because i am also attacked by psychic vampires who can suck my energy.It may sound strange at these times to talk about etheric reality,vampires and healers but dealing with those issues we can make solutions to our soul problems. It is a natural state of being for everyone to be happy all the time because human spirit is perfect and all diseases are illusion.Why you wont find a healer you can trust, see if you can make major improvements in your life.I would suggest a healer who works with angels and who puts spirit to first priority in his/her life, and personally i keep away from those healers who might say:"i could put a curse on somebody who messes with me" or something like that.Also practicing yoga is good, for example in Bikram yoga they deal with scoliosis and is said to be the best thing for the back, because they have over 100 degrees fahrenheit in room that lower the risk of getting joint injury,Bikram said:never too old or never too sick to start doing yoga. I thought going to Bikram yoga in Helsinki myself.
Heres a healers website whose articles i love:http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/index.html
also you could read this article written by native americans about coming times:http://www.wolflodge.org/bluestar/bluestar.htm

Change is never bad, positive changes make soul happy, but fear is an enemy, because All is Well, so why shouldnt we be?

get well!
Anonymous said…
omg living with pain..I know the feeling :( do u have a contact email which I can email you with questions about scoliosis? don't wanna have them all over the internet...

Good luck with everything :)
You can email me here, it's no problem, this blog is about pain, it's what it is for :)
Anonymous said…
hey there! I found your website (I think it's yours) and sent an email..from the yahoogroup website...the long email I sent last night - surviving scoliosis - that was me..just so you know :)

Thanx again for everything..I look forward to hear from you..I hope not bothering ya..take care :)

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