Scoliosis and I think I can dance!

Some of you may be following me in my journey through Bowen Treatment and will know that so far, so good and I have had great results.

I actually went to a nightclub on Friday and had a great time, you know I have not been into a nightclub for over 2 years without the aid of my wheelchair, I still feel strange on my feet but I am not falling over as much as I used to and I managed to dance in a pair of wedgies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot say that this did me any favours though and I have been struggling since...... Before you say it, yes I know this is probably down to the fact that I went clubbing but I love it and always have, it just doesn't like me or my Scoliosis very much and for years I have entertained myself in other ways, but last week I couldn't resist so I joined my clubbing mates and went dancing :)

I have been extremely stiff these last few days since the club night out, I am now 2 weeks without Bowen Treatment and my therapist told me to call her when I need her and I think next week I will doing just that and yes I will tell her what I have been up to!

I am thinking that it could be weak muscles that is causing the pain and due to me being on my feet for many hours on Friday night, dancing the night away, awakened weak muscles, they got plenty of use and bingo this is making me stiff.

The breathing pain is back though and that has always scared me, as I am sat here wrting this post breathing in deeply I can feel pains in my lumbar back - not good.

I am still getting 7 hours a night but I am finding my memory foam mattress is too soft for me after I have been laid down on it for a long period (this never used to be the case) and I get up and go into the spare room and lay on the hard bed that we have in there, this enables me to have an extra hour sleep and helps me fight the next day.

When I get out of bed I put my hands on my knees and then on my thighs as I straighten my back to come up.

I will see how this week goes and lay off the gardening or anythign strenuous, I will keep swimming and do my Yoga and hopefully I can strengthen these muscles for extra support.

Happy clappers everyone and keep those feet dancing!


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