Scoliosis and yet more therapy

I had my Bowen yesterday and she worked on my respiratory system, as many of you know Scoliosis patients can suffer with breathing problems and I had started to wheeze after a night's sleep.

My husband drove me down because I was having some troubles getting around and I knew that driving for 35 minutes would make the whole thing worse.

She found a few issues with my neck and shoulders also and I had noticed this the day before because I was struggling to move my head left or right.

I slept well last night and woke after 8 hours kip which was great but today walking is a very painful, I cannot lift my head at all and I am walking very bent over forward, looking at the floor!

My pelvis and legs have held their position though and I am still straight at 5"7 and a half inches tall - groovy!

We are taking a break tomorrow though and going on holiday to Cadiz to stay in a really nice 4 star hotel with all the amenities and I can't wait. The hotel has a spa and that is what I am looking forward to most, my back will really appreciate the break and the relaxing atmosphere of the hotel.

I hope I can get a lot of rest tomorrow so I can be comfortable during the drive down to Cadiz.


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