Scoliosis: This Girl Needs Therapy!

What a week I have had, slowly but surely my pain has started to come back and I am slipping into old ways where I am not getting enough sleep, waking in pain and not sure where to sit, stand or lay. I have been finding that my spare bed which is a harder mattress than my memory foam is helping, I get into that bed, propped up against the wall with a big long pillow inbetween my legs, I manage to get a couple of hours like that.

Although my memory foam mattress is sitting on an adjustable bed and I can raise myself I just cannot lay on it after a few hours, I think a disc or something pops out of place while I am sleeping so a harder surface is better for me when this pain is happening. This does not mean to say that my memory foam is not helping at all, if I have a neck pain as well as the lumbar the memory foam and recess help correct that during my sleep.

While I was having Bowen treatment for Scoliosis the memory foam was doing the great job that it has always done in the past, it is just right now that I am struggling after a few hours laid down.

I am having another Bowen session tomorrow because of these relapses that seem to have occurred. I have my period at the moment and the pain is not welcomed, yet while I was on Bowen that pain had gone completely and I had forgotten what period pain felt like------------until this month!

The pains that came to the forefront after a two week break from Bowen were all localised at the bottom of my spine (lumbar) and the flatback came back in force, it was so painful that I spent most of last Saturday in tears (the pain had not been missed), I was walking really bent forward, like the creaking gate syndrome I talked about some time ago.

The shoulders have seemed to perform better, I am taking proper lunch breaks from work, moving positions while I am working and trying not to slouch (not that I can sluch that much I have Scoliosis with a fused spine!) to help my shoulders cope better and to stop muscle from building up into a tight knot.

I look forward to what my therapist has to say and whether I have shifted back into my old ways or what is going on.

I have also noticed that since Bowen I have been trying to put the pelvis back into the wrong position by standing on one leg or lifting the leg so the toes touch the floor instead of flat footed, this is just old habits dying hard as my body has been so used to being in that position for so long that now I am straighter since Bowen I feel very strange when stood on my flat feet, hence I lift my leg to try and get that kink back in.

I was recommended a book by one of my Scoliosis group members, Pain Free by Peter Egoscue, it is a series of exercises concentrating on the muscoskeletal system and boy was I shocked. On Saturday I decided to not do Yoga and do the exercises in the book instead. I was feeling so bad and we had plans to go out on Saturday night for a friend's birthday and because I was feeling so bad in the morning it was debateable whether I could go or not. The exercises took me an hour and when I first looked at some of the ones I was required to do I thought that I wouldn't be able to them because of the pain, needless to say though I got on with the job at hand, followed all the instructions and felt instantly better, got ready and went out to paint the town red - amazing really, I will be continuing with those this week.

If anyone else has tried the Peter Egoscue exercises, please do let me know and what the results were for you, it would be interesting to know if there are other Scoliosis patients out there in dire need of some exercise guidance to help them fight their daily pains.

Well I will let you know how Bowen makes me feel and I really hope that I don't have a healing crisis after this next session because that hurt like hell!


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