Bowen Therapy Part 2

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I had my second Bowen treatment today for my Scolisois and I was looking forward to it. Since starting Bowen my legs have leveled out, they were way off before and I would reckon it to be about 4cm between each leg, we did attempt to measure it but it is not easy to measure your leg lengths so we did each leg a few times and then took an average.

The only part I do not like is having to lay on the table on my back, it feels like someone is pulling my spinal cord which makes me very uncomfortable and makes my back arch slightly, however, she has to do this to make sure that my legs really are the same length and she was amazed at how well my body had responded to the treatment, she was not expecting the legs to be level already!

My therapist also worked on my breathing today as I have been complaining of that recently and I wake weezing, we have a damp problem which is causing spores and this is not helping my respiratory at all - time to get out the bleach and get killing these spores!

She did notice that my rib hump is more prominent than it was last week but did not seem overly concerned about it because she is concentrating on the lower part of my body to get my legs and pelvis more comfortable and I don't ever get pain in the area anyway, it has never bothered me since surgery, except when clothing looks crap on me and hangs to one side!

I wanted to log my sleeping habits over the past few days because I will forget:
Saturday night: 6 hours
Sunday night: 3 hours
Monday night: 4 hours and then a further 2 in the spare bed

I hope the sleeping habits can change soon, although I am not getting annoyed it will start to catch up with me and all this therapy would be for nothing if my body is getting so tired it can't keep up with me.

I feel tired again like I did last week but I have lots of work to do and it is just not viable for me to sleep like she wants me to and to be honest I am not fond of sleeping at the moment as I know that when I wake I will be in pain and who wants that!

Another positive though, I do not have the breathing pain in the lumbar like I was getting before, this pain was only in the morning when I first wake, once I am up and about the breathing pain subsides and eventually it is fine and I can take deep breaths again - long may that continue.

It feels weird to walk and stand because for years all those muscles have been in the wrong place and compensating for the rest of my body, now that they are attempting to go back to their rightful place I feel very strange indeed and I find that I put my right leg on tiptoes while standing but out to the side of my body, I will keep a watch on this.

I also got myself a name of a surgeon to go and see - Dr Ayllon at the UPS Hospital in Marbella, Clinica Medicare in Elviria recommended him to me, he is a Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon, I look forward to meeting with him as I really would love to be under the care of someone here rather than flying back and forth to the UK when I need to see/talk to someone. I like to have my Harrington Rod checked at least every 2 years and chat about new procedures and if any of those procedures would suit me.

Laters :D


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