Argggh Scoliosis Lumbar Pain

I am still having the same problems, the mornings are getting worse - it is now 6:15 am and I went to sleep at midnight, the problems and pains are getting worse and I am really scared, I cried my heart out this morning when I got up and then took 2 Ibuprofen.

I really need to see a Dr but struggling to find one in Spain, my mother wants me to go back to the UK, not only to see someone but I am sure a bit of selfishness is in there too - she hasn't seen me since December.

I searched for a Scoliosis Dr in Spain and called the Mills & Mills Medical Group on Monday morning, they have a nice webiste, they came up top on Google for a few keywords, they offer a FREE appointment, it was all looking pretty good. I got put through to your standard dumb wit on reception who took my details and said she would ask upstairs (whoever they are) to call me back - nothing. I called again Tuesday and reminded her someone was supposed to call me back, she remembered my name, told me she had passed on my details and will ask them to call me within 30 minutes - again not a dicky bird. So, I left it and went about some chores I had to do and while I was out shopping it started to annoy me so I rang and spoke to someone called Char and she seemed most concerned that I had, had this problem and please give her the opportunity to sort it out and she will call me back in 30 minutes - guess what? No call.

I said to this Char character that I was concerned because there had been no reply to my calls and all I was trying to do was get an appointment, I dread to think what they are like with patients on operating tables if they can't get their patients through the door just to see their professional staff!

Now this really, really annoys me, why bother going to all the trouble of writing your website, getting it all properly optimised for the engines and then treat your customers like that, what is going on with today's larger companies, can't they get the staff anymore or are they simply all just bloody BONE IDLE? When I worked for a company (that wasn't my own) I was a good worker, always worked beyond what was expected of me, I was trustworthy, reliable, cared about their customers and went the extra mile, this new breed of receptionists and administrators that are coming through just don't seem to care anymore, my example is perfect, I call a company 3 TIMES and get no answer in a week, how are businesses surviving when they are treating their customers in this way, or do they have enough money that they simply don't need my business so therefore couldn't give a toss one way or another?

Are we breeding a lesser educated person or is it because we are employing immigrants who have less compassion, get paid a lot less money and therefore this is affecting the business chain? I think there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians, everybody wants to be a manager these days so they don't have to work so that leaves less and less Indians to do the work and more and more Chiefs standing around, picking their arses and wasting company time and money.

One thing is for sure, Mills & Mills Medical Group in Marbella, Spain won't survive long if they continue to treat their customers with the same lack of respect as they have done with me, to be honest, I couldn't care less and hope they do this to many people, they complain and the silly bitches answering the phone, get sacked and learn from it. I wonder if it really is just me they ignored, maybe a one off?

Whatever it is, I don't care Mills & Mills Medical Group are shit in my opinion, they should stand up to the plate and treat their customers in the correct manner, all I wanted was an appointment, how hard is that? DISGRACEFUL

In the meantime, I am still in agony and struggling to stand and walk in the mornings, breathing is exceptionally painful, I can take small, short breaths but taking a normal or deep breath I feel pain in my lumbar spine, almost as if I am compressing something in the lumbar when I breathe.

I have now been up 30 minutes and the pain is reducing, I am propped up on the sofa with 2 big pillows and my laptop on my knee, I find this strange that my memory foam mattress is less comfortable than the sofa (well in the mornings anyway), I am not struggling to get to sleep, it feels positively wonderful when I get into bed, just like it always did but there is something going on with 6-7 hours in bed that doesn't agree with this new pain and I need to know what this is.

I have tried raising my head and my knees in bed - my bed is also an electric adjustable bed so I can raise and lower either my head or feet but even when I try that in the morning it does not help that much so I have to get up because the pain is too much for me to stay in bed - my bed used to be my sanctuary and when I was in agony I had somewhere to go, now I am getting afraid of going to bed because I know how I will feel in 6 or 7 hours time.


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