Gillian McKeith has Scoliosis

Well, well, well. I have just read in the mail that Gillian McKeith has Scoliosis and has been suffering from this for some time.

"Every day of my life I suffer from a condition called scoliosis, a severe abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It bends in the wrong directions - 'S' shape in my case - and strikes violent spasms of breathtaking agony throughout the body.

My back is the way it is because no one spotted it as a child and sent me for treatment.

Doctors have told me it's now too late and too severe for even an operation to help. So while I help millions of people around the world to get well with good food and lifestyle changes, I understand what it feels like to endure serious health challenges."

Who would have thought it eh, the lady who tells us what to eat, how, when and why is struggling with Scoliosis, I hope she is using the herbs for her pain and practicing what she is preaching!

The paper has suggested that there is nothing they can do for her, surely there is a surgeon out there that can correct her curve? There are people out there with severe curves over 100º that are having surgery with successful outcomes, looking at Gillian she doesn't appear too bent over and I wouldn't like to say what her curves are but are they over 50º which makes you eligible for surgery?

I have 2 of Gillian's "You are what you eat" books and cookbook and the reason I use her recipes is to help me combat my pain, I use herbs daily in teas and in my recipes and find that it helps.

It would be nice if Gillian could come and join our group so we can support her and give her tips on how she can combat the pain she is speaking of.

We are thinking of you Gillian and welcome to the world of Scoliosis! You are now a twisted sister like us :)


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