Lifes curve still giving me gip!

I started my Yoga last night as I said I would be doing, a friend came round and we did it by the pool, we took our time as she has not done any exercise for a long time and it must be a year since I did Yoga also.

It felt good to be doing the stretches, especially the ones that work the muscles over my shoulder blades, however, I still have the same problem that I was talking about yesterday, the awful pain when I wake up in the morning, in fact most nights I am woken up because of it.

I am OK when I get up but it is laying down that is causing the problem, I cannot lay on my side, back or front without immense discomfort and pain.

I am stumped because I have never had a problem sleeping (since I had my memory foam) but now I am just not getting any sleep, if I bring my legs into a foetus position it is slightly better - could I have strained anything you think, will this pass or should I go and see someone about it. I am starting to get annoyed with this because I am not getting enough rest, starting to become the house wanderer that I once was

This morning I slept a bit because I raised my head and legs on my bed and this was comfortable so I managed to get a few hours kip, I don't fancy sleeping raised up every night.

I am not sure if I can take this indefinitely!

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