I can't cope anymore

So, I had my Bowen yesterday as you all know - I kept myself awake all day and then went to bed at 11:00 with my husband - he worked in bed and I just rolled over and shut my eyes, the feeling was nice - until................

2:35am I woke up and had to get straight out of bed, I was in absolute agony and extremely scared.

I couldn't walk very well at all, managed to get to the bathroom where the tears just started coming and I was in a right mess, I was bent over to the right, unable to get myself straight, I couldn't sit down, nor could I lay down - I was really troubled by this, my husband woke up and came to cuddle me and suggested I take a Valium to help me get some more sleep as it was far too early to be up and about, I took his advice.

I necked 2 Ibuprofen and a Valium and got back into bed, once the pain killers had started to help that is - I managed to sleep until 5am, Valium usually wipes me out for 12 hours which is why I take it, but this one lasted only 3 hours - the pain is so intense that I simply can't cope and it is all localised around the same area that it all started from and just feels like a disc.

After another Ibuprofen at 5am, I got back into bed at 6am and managed this time to sleep until 10:30 when my Dad called and woke me up - typical!

Again, after half hour or more, I was fine and more mobile and even went to the vet with Dotty and that is 20 minutes away in the car, no way I could have even entertained that first thing this morning - why is the pain so strong in the mornings and then calms down when I am up and about, it just doesn't make sense. Every other pain I have had eases when I lay down in bed, laying down these days makes it worse!

I called my practitioner and she said I am having a "healing crisis" and it happens to some people, they get really bad and then it gets better so here is me hoping I am better tomorrow morning because I am not sure how long my life can go on like this, I can't even go and stay in a hotel because I don't fancy being in the hotel room awake so early in the morning, I would rather be at home.

I might try a bottle of wine tonight and see how that affects me, last time I had a drink 2 weeks ago I slept really well - although drunk sleep isn't the best is it!

Live to fight another day!


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