Pesky little Scoliosis pains

Well, still in the same predicament - not sleeping much and terrible pains in the morning, not being able to lay down flat, on my side or front - it is driving me insane, although one good thing has come from it - getting up earlier so I am starting work earlier also.

I am getting up now anytime from 6:30, now to some of you that may not sound too bad but we work from home, remember? So, we are usually up around 9am to start work for 10am (typical time for Spanish businesses), so this is now waking me up a good few hours earlier than normal, once I am awake, I cannot stay there because my back pain is just too strong.

My husband is loving it because he is now getting his breakfast made for him every day and a cup of tea brought into him while still in bed (bring him round a bit, he is not the happiest of people in the morning!).

I am still searching for a good Scoliosis Dr in Spain but have yet to find one. I contacted Mills & Mills this morning and I am still waiting for them to call me back.

I had to do a fair amount of driving today - Monda-Fuengirola and back again, I always find that Scoliosis and driving never get on, I don't know if it is the seating positions in most cars or the roads, probably a mixture of both, we drive an automatic Audi A6, don't get me wrong it is a lovely car and very comfortable but driving it always aggravates my back - especially if I have to look over my shoulder when reversing, trying to force my body that way is a nightmare and I always go "pop/crack"!

I start Bowen Technique on Wednesday, I have spoken to loads of people with Scoliosis who recommend Bowen Technique so I decided to to find myself a specialist near me and give it a go, who knows it may well help this new pain that I am feeling, I will report on how I feel on Wednesday (watch this space!).

If anyone who is reading this has tried the Bowen Technique before, please let me know.

Laters :)


Susie said…
Hi Nutty,

I am excited that you have managed to find a Bowen Therapist, as you know I have just started it myself and I have responded well after only 2 sessions

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