Bowen Technique Scoliosis

I had to cancel my appointment for Bowen technique last week due to work commitments, a client called me the day before and said he would be landing at Malaga airport at 9:30 in the morning, so I re-scheduled my day to fit him in which meant cancelling the appointment.

At 9:15am we got a call telling us he had missed his flight! My whole day was turned upside down for an event that was not about to happen, pissed off is a good description of my feelings that day. My client finally arrived 2 days later and the meeting went well, the outcome was just as I had hoped for :)

I have still not settled down with my sleeping pattern and the last few mornings I have been up and about pre 7am after going to bed at 1am (that I could deal with).

However, this morning I woke up in pain as usual, messed around with some pillows under my knees and shoulders, raised the head of my bed, turned on my side in the foetal position, tried laying on my back again and then the other side - couldn't settle or even forget about the pain and try to sleep again so I got up, necked a couple of Ibuprofen and got myself on the sofa and started work - it was 3.40am!!

I left home at 11:30 and drove for 30 minutes to Elviria to the Medicare Clinic. I met with the practitioner and filled a form in about me, address, email, phone and all that stuff.

I then spent a further 45 minutes talking to the practitioner about my Scoliosis surgery, what happened a few years later to bring me to the pain I am experiencing now, we discussed my childhood trips and falls but I have none to speak of, while all the other kids were falling out of trees and breaking bones I was bound to a plaster cast unable to do very much and when I came out of my plaster cast I was still out of commission when it came to PE or any type of contact sports, so in some respects I was lucky there as to this day I have never broken a single bone in my body!

After all the chat about me, I took my clothes off down to bra and knickers and hopped up onto the bed - she wanted me on my front first of all and talked to me throughout the session about what she was doing and why. Majority of my body was responding well until she got down to my pelvic area and the donor site (which has hurt since day 1) - she started pushing around and WOOOOOOOOO a serge of pain shot down my leg and I instantly started crying - the dredded Sciatic Nerve.

There are many members on the scoliosis support group who suffer from Sciatic problems and I have heard their descriptions of pain from this nerve and hoped I would never have to worry about that - I was not to be spared, however, I am glad I may have caught this early so I may be able to prevent it from spreading further down into my buttocks and eventually the foot.

After the treatment I was very dizzy and had to lay down again and gather myself before I could stand up and get dressed. We then did some pelvic exercises stood up against the bed before I got dressed to drive home.

Since leaving and coming home I have felt very strange, almost wishy washy and little pains have started happening all over my body and I cannot move my head from side to side. I really hope this does not stay with me for days, I am not sure how much more pain my body can take all in one go. When I breathe I can still feel it in my lumbar spine and my head feels really heavy, my eyelids are heavy and want to close, I am trying to last as long as I can before I go to bed as I want to make sure I sleep well tonight - fingers crossed the Bowen Technique does something for me - please, please let it be the one for me and spare me some pain, even if it is only a small amount, anything would be welcomed right now.

The Bowen practitioner confirmed that I do have a leg length discrepancy and it is my pelvis that is way off tilt - this was not something new for me to learn. My left foot is shorter than my right, I thought I noticed this when I was doing Yoga last week and glad I was not going crazy! She checked my jaw and said I am fine in the area and left my feet alone as well as I have never suffered there and she wanted to concentrate on the areas that do cause issues.

I will see how I feel tomorrow and I really hope it is a brighter future for me.

Lets make it a brighter future, lets keep it straight!


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